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Big Deals this weekend.

Ok friends!

Lots of love going on in the shop today and on the blog!

Make sure to scroll down and see all that is going on!

Keep watching. This is a crazy month as I am finishing up the illustrations for my book, but more great stuff is coming so stay tuned!

Happy Weekend…and Enjoy!

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Embroidery Patterns.

Calendar set photo small

Yahoo! I have been so excited about this.


Embroidery Patterns are coming….and we’re starting with the “Her Month By Month” set.

You can purchase a PDF Download or the Paper Copy here.

Have any favorite images from Sarah Jane you’d like to see as embroidery patterns? Comment below and let me know!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend….and just for fun….

I’ll be extending the SALE to Tuesday. Purchase $50 and get a free Sketchbook.


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Rain drops for Amelia and FREE Download.

free paper doll cover

Paper Dolls, Paper Dolls. We do a lot of paper dolls around here, and it’s high time for some new wardrobes and activities, yes?

And it’s wet and rainy here this weekend, so this is going to be our weekend’s Pretend Play activity.

This April Showers outfit comes complete with umbrella and Finn, Amelia’s pet lamb. Can Amelia keep Finn out of the rain today? Cut it out and see!

Oh, and the best part is this is a FREE DOWNLOAD for you to print off and make today. The paper dolls can be found here, and this little scene can be downloaded FREE here.

April free paper doll

April free paper doll rain

The download even comes with rain drops if you want to make your own scene. glue these down to paper and display, or prop them up with cardstock and tape the raindrops to string for the ultimate diorama experience! OrĀ  just play dolls. Have fun with it!

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More vintage art for the kids.

AA read with me blue small

Well, Sarah Jane, isn’t about time? I’ve been meaning to get this in the shop for oh….a year or so?

I have a list out the door of prints to add to the shop. They get finished one at a time…and drag in slowly these days! But isn’t she so cute? I want curls like that.

aa read with me combo

You can find them here. Enjoy!

PS: don’t forget about the FREE GIFT available in the shop this week!

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ian ella & addie

This picture took like all year and at least 107 tries. How hard is it for you to get a family picture?

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I’ve just gotta shout it out.

ella screech

OK folks. I’m squealing. Yes…it is that exciting.

Big sale this week! I’m giving away my favorite item in the shop. Yes, favorite.


Remember these? Made with Soy Inks, recycled paper, soft paper to your favorite sketching pencil or journaling pen.

These will make great gifts this spring, or let it be a sweet gift to you…just because.

When you order, just mention which journal you prefer in the “Message to Seller” box.

This week only! Hope to see you around…and remember…

New items in the shop include:

*Any image in the shop can be a handprinted folded card

*11×14 inch prints are now available

*Personalization of prints and cards now available with custom fee


Click here to visit the shop.

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Baby Mine.

ella 10 months

Ten months beautiful.

Ten months yummy.

Ten months divine.

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Noah’s Room.


Samantha, of Samantha Cabrera Photography, sent me these images of her little boy’s room, I absolutely LOVE how it turned out. Samantha Cabrera is an amazing photographer and hip mom, and put this room together for her son Noah. She has done an amazing job, and I love seeing how all these boy prints go together. Putting together a design for a boy’s room can be more challenging than you’d think….and I just am in love with Samantha’s collection of boy prints she chose. So inspiring!


If you have images of how you’ve designed your kid’s room with Sarah Jane Prints, you can join the flickr group here or email me here.

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