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The Lion is in.

lioncrop2 copy

New in the shop. More to come and join the new Retro Line.

Also, did you know you can get any image in the shop in a folded matte printed card? Yep. Just $3 for which ever design suits your fancy.

And don’t forgt: great deal for CJANE readers this week! Free card of choice when you mention CJANE in your order.

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Posts from a homeowner.


Welcome Cjane Readers! If you are new here, take a seat and stay a while. There is lots going on here…and it’s great to meet ya!

We are all moved into the house, and though I am still digging through boxes to find socks, we are feeling so at home. We have entered the ranks of homeowners, and I love this title. There is a lot to do still to the house (did I mention we still need to install a couple toilets?) but those are just details. The wonderful part is that we have an address and a neighborhood and feel such a part of this wonderful community up on the mountainside. Our breakfast table overlooks the city below and there was a beautiful red-breasted robin singing to us from his tree this morning with branches that look out over the valley. This house is an artists paradise. I can’t wait to show pictures!

And believe it or not, I have been still able to chisel away at the Christmas Book I’m working on with Katherine Tegan books at Harper Collins. I have a deadline to finish completely in just over a month, and I couldn’t think of a better place to finish it up than at the new house. The art studio is proving to be a great place to work. I’ll get some boxes out of the way and shoot some pictures soon!

But to start off the week, there are some great giveaways over at CJANE celebrating the birth of her upcoming baby. I designed the invite (Can you tell I am into this retro feel?) and it should be a lot of fun!

I am giving away a $50 gift card to my shop here and you can visit more giveaways here. Come on over and dig in! And all orders with the mention of CJANE get a free card of choice in their orders this week!

Have a good one!


sarah jane

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ian reflection

This weekend is the big move!

As humbled and thrilled and excited I am to finally own our own piece of this Earth, I can’t help but look back at where we have been this past year and reflect on the beautiful times we’ve had. We are very ready to move on, but looking back, I see where my baby was born, the trees my children called home and the spot of lawn where we could spot deer in the wee hours of the morning. It is rather like the change of the season: the blooming of a new spring as we tuck winter away for storage.

Here is a thought found on Julia Deno’s blog this morning.
“A little bit sad about the place you are leaving,
a little bit glad
about the place you are going.
It is a time of quiet wonder–”

Robert McCloskey

We are so lucky and blessed to be moving into a much better situation than we have been in. Our first house. But there is always room for nostalgia isn’t there? Life is beautiful no matter which lens you choose to look at it with: past, present or future.

Moving onward and upward!


sarah jane

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Retro Line.

lion and apple5

It’s crazy. Ideas come when you don’t expect them, and for me….when you don’t have time to do anything about them (like when you are moving, living in boxes, making a book and fixing up a house all at the same time). But I am excited about this one. Sarah Jane Studios will be getting a Spring Makeover with new prints and items perfect for the retro kid. New prints will trickle in slowly but surely…so stay tuned! If you haven’t signed up for the newsletter, you can do that on the sidebar to be the first to know when new prints are in the shop!

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Books You’ll Love: So Many Days.

Good morning. It’s Monday. Very much a monday, and I need a good book.

Have you seen this wonderful new title from Taeeun Yoo? I’ve chatted about her before and how in love I am with her simple illustrations. But her sweet prints are making me smile this morning.

So Many Days. A book about dreams and possibilities and the wonders of the world we see.  There is this darling mini-video of the illustrated book here. It’s one of those books perfect for gifting, graduation presents or for that new baby. “So many doors in all your days….So much to wonder about…..Where will you go…..and who will you be?”

I just love Taeeun Yoo’s illustrations. Simple prints with fresh color, Asian influence and a vintage feel. They are timeless and wonderful. She has illustrated titles such as ONLY A WITCH CAN FLY, THE LITTLE RED FISH, and THE UMBRELLA QUEEN. She is an up-and-comer getting a lot of attention for her work, and I think there is so much to her simple lines and color that create the unique feel to her books. Here are some of my favorite illustrations from this book:

Aren’t they wonderful? Have you seen any other of her books? I’d love to know what you think about them. They really speak to me as an illustrator, and to that inner child in me that craves imaginative illustrations and creative lines and color. Her illustrations are really inspiring me this morning….this plain-jane monday. Seeing illustrations like hers really thrill me and remind me how much I love illustrating for children. You can tell from her art that she loves illustrating for children too.  Hope you enjoy!

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Your Corner Children’s Bookstore.

Do you remember the first time you saw You’ve Got Mail, and you stepped into Meg Ryan’s bookstore with the darling children’s section and the reading corner? I was swept away. Every town need’s a children’s bookstore. Barnes and Noble and Borders are great…don’t get me wrong. I spend enough time in there for sure. But what about the “ma and pop” children’s bookstore you dream for your neighborhood? Good news for Utah readers: There will be a wonderful new bookstore just like that one in Utah very soon! But this store needs your support.

Michelle has a dream….an active dream to open a children’s bookstore in Utah. She has a space, and has spent hours getting it all ready. But she needs a lot of help to finish it up and open the doors.  She needs a bit more support from the community and I want to help spread the word.  To start up a business takes an incredible amount of intertia, motivation and energy, and Michelle has given her all to this children’s book store. She has promised to put in so much! Here is her plan:

*Story time for young children
*A gathering place for book clubs, writing groups, and other small organizations that need a free place to meet
*Book clubs specifically for tweens and teens
*Writing classes for children, for teens, and for adults who write for children and teens
*Visits from some of the most outstanding authors in children’s and young adult literature, which will include readings, signings, lectures, and other social events
*Prominent placement of books by local authors and those published by smaller, independent presses
*A network and community for all those who love books and want to share their love of reading with coming generations

Don’t you just want to move to Utah if you aren’t here already?

So here is what you need to do:

Come over and BID on my $100 gift certificate to her shop.

You can start under price of course…just start bidding! Do I here $25? $30?

And how’s this: if you BID at all… will receive a $5 gift certificate to the shop.  Just email me at the time of your order to verify.

And make sure to bid on more items on her site….there is plenty for the book lover to enjoy. Just click on the link and leave a comment.

Here’s to happy book reading time with children and fostering a wonderful dream of a very ambitious woman!

So head on over and bid!

You can read more of her story here and see more ways to support here.

But hurry: the bidding ends Saturday March 20th at midnight!


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Best Friends.

addie and ian glance small

Inseparable. They pretend they are independent and happy on their own, but the truth is, they can’t be apart.  This year has been full of a lot of transition and changes, and looking back at all the chaos of a rather over-ful year, these two have relied so much on each other for consistency. In the past year, we’ve had 2 moves, 3 neighborhoods, 1 new baby, and the craziness of two parents trying to figure out where to settle the family. And looking back, I marvel at how they have stuck together as each other’s constants. Best friends always stick together. Here’s to hoping he always stays her prince, and he always stays her hero. They’re a match made in heaven.

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Inspiring spaces & some excuses


Let it be known that I have officially let my email inbox tower beyond reason (Sarah Cynthia Sylvia stout hights) and my house it currently a tornado zone. Well, there is usually an element of tornado-ness on a daily basis, but we have now reached danger zone. The move is under way, and is going slowly but surely as we are also remodeling the new place before we move in. I am so thrilled. We are loving the neighbors and the neighborhood. The new house is getting a new fresh coat of paint (no more purple red and green walls) and it’s all starting to come together. The art studio is coming along, and should be done this week!

That said…..

If you have been trying to email me, I WILL respond. I promise. I am just super behind! And if you are thinking that the blog will slow down…it won’t I still have some pretty exciting things going on behind the scenes. Things don’t ever really slow down here. The book is nearly done, and there are some fun shop updates coming soon!

In the mean time, I am dreaming about these spaces, how lovely they are, and the reality that I will have a place to call my own soon.



Oh, and Happy St. Pat’s! Corn beef and cabbage on the menu tonight….yum.

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