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Cyber Monday Deals & More Christmas Stuff

I’ve never gotten Christmas ready so fast in our house.

The day after Thanksgiving, we put up our tree. It feels wonderful!

Last year we moved over Christmas (please…I beg you…don’t ever try that!) and so this year, I’m ready to really enjoy every single day. Even if there are still a few boxes of Christmas decorations that got lost in the move. Humbug.

But really, I wanted to say, Hello! Happy Christmas season! Lots of new fun things going on the shop!

New Christmas Labels:

winter cheer

w+w post

New Christmas cards:

havejoy card 1

little visitor card

(Insert sad sigh) The Snow on Snow print didn’t make it to a card this year. The order came back faulty, and well…no time to redo. More Humbugs.

And this card which is a personal favorite (I’m still convinced my kids are going to stay in size 3)

just stay little

But, on a Happy Note:

I’m joining the throngs of Cyber-Monday fanatics and offering

FREE 2010 CALENDAR with $40 purchase! (savings of $24!!!)


So I guess it’s official: Christmas is here. I just love every bit of this season, and this year is extra special: We aren’t in the throngs of boxes and get to enjoy the smell of pine and the sight of twinkling lights. I love it all.

Click here to go to the shopping.

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Thank you.

I am still digesting my Thanksgiving dinner, as I suppose you are too. But while these lazy days last a bit longer, I wanted to pop in and say Thank You for all the blogging friendship and support! I love reading all your lovely comments, and wish I could respond to each and every one. I try to…and I am just thankful this weekend  for all your kindness! I am thankful this season for really the good, wonderful people in my life.

Progressive Pioneer posted an interview with me on her blog. She asks some really great questions, and it was actually quite a good experience to answer back. It gave me some time to reflect on motherhood and my business, and everything in between. It’s a journey which still keeps me on my toes!

Wishing everyone (American and not) a wonderful weekend.


sarah jane

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The gift of perspective.

It was painting time with the kids yesterday, and there were papers all over the floor to dry.

“Let’s hang these up all over the house, Mother!”

I love that she calls me Mother

“Sure. I’ll cut the tape for you. Put them where ever you want.”

She was giddy with excitement (as usual) to find the perfect spot for each of her masterpieces.

Minutes later, I went to my bedroom to feed the baby, and I looked across at my door, just a step away, and I saw this: taped up on my door at Addie’s eye level, a masterpeice.

addie's madonna

It was one simple brush stroke, maybe two, but some how (can you see it?) it is the face of a woman….with an almost DaVinci expression.

Ok. Let me help: I am being told it’s not as easy to see as I thought. Thus my post on perspective:

addie's madonnadrawn

Did she know? Could she see it? Did this face just appear from her genius, or was I, in the artistic mood of the day, looking for her face?

She is perfect, this face, and it was all with a swift brush stroke of a child. Age 4 almost 5. And it stole my breath away.

Spontaneous and miraculous beauty.

It is for me, the perfect gift of this Thanksgiving Holiday: Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder.

Do you see the beautiful face, or is it just a splash of muddy green on paper?

It’s all in how you look at it. And this weekend, I am grateful for the choice.

Enjoy your day of Thanks!

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Turning your passion into a business.

Picture 4

Last month I was interviewed by “Babies and Moms” website, and was asked to talk about a favorite topic of mine: turning your passion into a business. I had a great time with Nancy Cajun, who has had many business successes herself with her company Sign Babies and now her Babies and Mom podcast. It was actually she who inspired me to get started when I heard her speak at a Startup Princess Seminar about turning an idea into a business….and I was so honored to now get to have her ask me questions!

I am on about 8 minutes into the podcast, and we are talking about how to make that passion of yours…that hobby that you can’t stop doing…into a profitable business. I also get to share bits of my own personal story on how I got started….which is always so amazing that I got through those first few months (OH they were nuts!).  We also talk a good bit about balancing your creative passions while raising young children. These are great women I’m chatting with.

Anyways, tell me what you think! I’d really love to include more discussion of the business side of things here on the blog…but would love to know your interest.

Thanks for listening:)

You can listen here.

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For the love of Design.

How cool is this: A place for bloggers who love art, design, photography, illustration and lifestyle to come together, connect and share ideas and information about all things design.  Yippee! This will be a fantastic weekend to connect, network and get inspired.

And crazy folks: I am going to be speaking.

It’s a little intimidating (OK, a LOT) when the other speakers are bloggers whom I completely admire: Design sponge, Oh JOY, Simple Lovely, Steph Modo just to name a few.

It’s going to be a party!

So mark your calendars for January 21-23, 2010 at the Grand America in Salt Lake City.

But hurry, and sign up. The early bird registration ends tomorrow!

This is the first EVER blogging event for people like you and I who just really like the visual aspects of blogging…and well, the visual aspects of most things. It will be completely inspiring.

Register here.

See the full list of speakers here.

Thank you Kirtsy for putting all this together, and Design Mom for inviting me to participate. See in in January!

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Oh Happy Day!


Yet again….another something to love in the shop. These cards have been a favorite …and finally I had enough recommendations to make it into a print! (Your suggestions are appreciated, and very often reflect what I get to work on next!)

So here it is….another print to love. Oh Happy Day!



sarah jane

PS: Thanks for all the Christmas love!

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{pic from Soule Mama}

Pssssst….there is a GREAT giveaway over at Soule Mama’s blog today. I am a huge fan of her site, and have been sponsoring her shop for quite a while now. Head on over…you won’t be dissappointed:) there is something for everyone if you look closely…not just the winners!

But hurry…it ends on Sunday.


happy weekend!

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New & Improved.

The shop is updated with LOTS of new goodies for gifting this year. It’s been a bit of a whirlwind getting it all ready, but I am so thrilled about them! It’s not that long now until Christmas (can you believe? Where does time go?) and I hope I’m not too late to share with you some fun new additions to the shop!


This new print is making me happy these days. I sat down to sketch out some new Christmas designs, and I wanted to create something REALLY joyful. This is what ended running off my pencil. Well, dancing off my pencil. They honestly make me smile. There is so much JOY to be had.

Item #2…(insert giddy squeal)… This is what I have been secretly so excited about! I love books. I love journals. I love blank journals. I love blank journals with the kind of character you’d never find at the office supply store. And so here they are: My version of the perfect blank notebook.

These are 96 pages long (you could write 1/2  a novel folks!) and 5×7 inches. They make the perfect stocking stuffer this year. AND….drum roll please…they are completely GREEN. They are printed on 100% recycled paper, printed with soy based inks, and printed with zero chlorine in the printing process. They are just so wonderful! I want to keep them all for myself!

I am reminded of the first journal I ever received. I was eight. Ok…so to an 8 year old, it was a “dairy.” It even had a lock and key. My aunt gave it to me, and that is what started my long love affair with journal writing. I don’t think you are ever too young to own a journal. I love looking back at the things that intrigued me about my 8 year old world. Third grade was a hoot.

OK….This print is another indulgence….created very much from my magical memories of being snowed in and cozy during Massachusetts’ winters. Well, truth is, I just really want to live in this house. The only problem with this print is that the house doesn’t have a “For Sale” sign in front of it. I know…a big fat REMAX sign would make it pretty tacky and non-holiday-ish. But really…it would make me very, very happy. So go ahead…pretend YOU live there. But me? I’m going to pretend I live there. Hope the owner’s don’t mind.


The inspiration for this print comes from a favorite Christmas Carol: In the Bleak Midwinter. Haven’t heard it? Listen to this version and this version (and this new favorite version.)  You’ll want to curl up with a candle and Hot Cocoa. It’s just gorgeous, and one of my favorite lines is:

Snow had fallen,

Snow on snow, snow on snow.

This little cottage is having happy memories inside with the “snow on snow” outside. Peppermint sticks anyone?

I have also brought back a dear favorite of mine….”Wellesley and Winslow Christmas Post.” We’ll be getting a few more cards in the shop next week…more on that later.

I know. You’ve seen enough paper dolls lately. But I had to let you know that now you can get them mailed to you so you don’t have to print them out yourself! New clothing designs still coming…but you can get them as they come in the shop.

And more bookplates: there are three designs now…and this is a new one. I didn’t make the connection when I drew this, but it’s now called “Bike Reader,” as apposed to “Bike Rider”. She can read and ride! Get it? Your CUE: dry laughter. I know. I’m really funny.

And I won’t spend too much time here about all the new gift labels in the shop, but there are lots, and more coming. Both in printed form and PDF downloads (which also include flat card printables too!)

Whew! That’s a long list! All this talk of Christmas is really making me wish I had the energy to stay up and make cinnamon rolls tonight. That’ll have to wait…

So enjoy!

And don’t forget: Free christmas cards are hiding in all orders through the holidays!


sarah jane

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