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Kid’s Halloween Crafts

Maizie dresses up

Need last minute Halloween Crafts?

Help Mazie choose which of the 3 halloween costumes she should wear trick-or-treating.

Print out these FREE halloween Paper dolls, color them in and cut them out for hours of spooky play.

*these are from last years archives….they don’t match the current paper dolls in the shop. Sorry!*

Download here.

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art for kids

Picture 4 This month I’m participating in Paper n Stitch’s shop front: I love her stuff….clean, cosy, handmade and fresh. This is the place to hang out while deciding on Christmas gifts!

My shop items are the same, but i love the way her shop looks!

And here’s news for you!

Come shopping at Sarah Jane Studios, and receive a free christmas card in your purchase! You’ll love it!

Good through Dec. 1st


sarah jane

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Being a Jane.

addiepose3web OK. So I take Addie out to grab a couple shots in the gorgeous yellow leaves around our house, and all I say is: can you stand there and just lean on that pole?


This is what she gave me.


She’s a natural model, for sure. I am doomed! But oh…she is my sunshine.

And her darling outfit? Compliments of Matilda Jane. Don’t you just love their stuff?  We’re all about the Jane’s around here.

It’s a good name, if I do say.

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Conversations with the wandering one.

You: Hello? Sarah? Yoohoo? What corner of the world did you escape to?

Me: Escape? Did I escape, you ask?

You: Yes. Those paper bats are still hanging at the top of your blog. Come on…get with it. Blog already.

Me: OK…you caught me. I escaped.

You: Where?

Me: To a far away land that I used to think only existed in my imagination: a place where quiet and noiselessness reign. A place where there is room to unwind and create with no distractions.

You: That place actually exists? Oh, please give me directions.

Me: Are you ready? It’s complicated. You need to go to my in-law’s wonderfully empty-nested house. It’s great. They cook too. And love babies. And have an abundant amount of watercolor brushes, down comforters and table space to just spread out and GTD (get things done). Oh, and they also take you out to sushi.

You: Oh take me take me!

Me: I plan on their being a next time. Many more next times. Don’t worry.

So yes…after 2 months of let’s-get-my-life-organized-enough-to-run-a-business-and-illustrate-a-book-while-only-getting-2-hours-of-sleep-at-a-time-at-night-and-raising-3 children kind of living, my husband took one look at the bags under my eyes and booked a flight for me the VERY next morning to California to spend 5 days with his parents while HE watched the other kids during his fall break. I know. My in-laws are awesome, but my husband? Amazing.

The trip was, may I say, incredible. I ate, slept, fed the baby, illustrated and story-boarded for my book I’m illustrating with Harper Collins right now. Getting away proved to be the perfect remedy for a mommy who’s brain hardly gets to enjoy the space of her own creative thinking due to the natural (and wonderful) chaos of the day with 3 small children.

But I am back. No more escaping for a while. As much as it is good to get away, I am a sucker for my family. Who wouldn’t be with faces as kissable as this?

Feel free to cuddle your screen…I know…she’s practically edible.


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In our town of Halloween.


Halloween has never been an exciting holiday for my husband and I before we had kids. But of course, with children in the mix, the idea of dressing up, baking treats, and spooky stories as a holiday has changed our perspective a bit…and we’ve been having a lot of fun!

As well as spooks lurking around these parts, we’ve also been dealing with the seasons first set of coughs and colds…so with three sick kids, I really didn’t want to hit the stores for Halloween children’s decor. Here’s what we have come up with so far…


Spooky portraits: so fun to make with the kids.

How we made them: On one particularly sick day, we laid around the house making spooky faces in the camera. The kids sat with me at the computer while I made them ready for printing. I had originally thought of framing them in these frames from IKEA, but since we were all too sick to get out, I drew a frame into photoshop inspired from the IKEA one I love, inserted the photos, and printed the whole thing out! Voila. Instant framed decor for Halloween!


And since we had more than enough spooky photos of the kids, I have since printed out the pictures, and we have had fun making spooky embellishments in marker and crayon…like pirate eye patches, cat ears and sharp teeth. It’s like dress ups without the mess on the floor!

halloween5 halloween4

Halloween floral arrangement: Hardly floral! We spray painted some dead branches from outside, adorned with glittered butterflies and black crows (which I did purchase earlier in the month). The spray paint was a hit…and even though the kids just watched me, they wanted to turn everything in the house black after watching the transformation. Good thing we ran out of spray paint!


Bats in the doorway: Oh these took minutes…and cost use pennies..but they really look great as they hang in our entry way. Something about the silhouette factor. These were made with construction paper and string we had on hand.

The kids are begging for more…but alas…I still have costumes to figure out! More on that later…

If you have any fun links of kid-friendly Halloween fun, do share!

Happy Spooking!

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Fly Away.

I nearly forgot to add this print to the shop this last time! And it’s up….enjoy!

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Lunch quote download.

more important


I have an amazing mother. You want to know how amazing? Had-five-children-and-made-their-lunches-everyday amazing. For nearly 25 years, she made school lunches. I hear it now, “She spoiled her children!” Ah, yes. But we made our lunches too, of course. What made her amazing is that she didn’t mind making our lunches because she could then pack in secret notes. Mostly on post-its or folded pieces of paper. There were the “I love you’s,” “Good luck on your test today,” and other motherly love notes. But more often than not, there was what we call “Lunch Quotes”. I actually kept many of my lunch quotes…even when they were stained with grape water or condensation from my box juice. I kept so many, because they reflected what my mother cared about, and what she thought I needed to hear. It was a mother’s way of staying in touch during the days when she hardly saw her children because of school, homework and other activities.

Growing up, if you were to walk into my mother’s kitchen, you would see “lunch quotes” stuck to the fridge, close pinned above the sink, and by the phone. I always could tell what my mother was thinking about based on the quotes she chose to place around the house. It was a simple act of love for her family and for herself I will always treasure.

And so….after all these years of not having school lunches, I miss my lunch quotes!

So I made one.

For you and for me. And of course, for my Mom.

After watching this incredibly inspiring video, the end phrase was the catch-all for me.

This will be going in my kitchen above the sink. As a reminder for when things get stressful…as they always do…to kiss a bit more , listen more intently and hug a little longer.

You can download this “Lunch Quote” here. (For Personal Use only, please!)

Enjoy a love filled weekend!


sarah jane

**And, no…there is not a typo in the quote…it’s just a fun + messy font. Enjoy!

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#191 Catherine who said:

Congratulations and happy birthday! I am so happy to have your lovely artwork as a part of my children’s lives–I know they will have happy memories of the prints hanging on their walls. Thank you!

Thanks to all of you who entered! I read all the comments, and you are all so lovely. Thank you so much! If you haven’t had your fill of giveaways, head over to Bloesom for this darling offer.


Can you resist the cuteness?

Thanks again, all. I’m off do get some Christmas items ready for the shop! There’s a lot of creating going on in these parts lately…so I will keep you posted when I get some holiday updates.


sarah jane

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