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Creativity in Business.

I get asked all the time how I started my business, as well as what advice I would give to someone starting out on their own. I always try to offer what i can, but in all honesty, so much of what I have learned is from becoming a part of Startup Princess. Kelly Anderson has become a great friend of mine, and has created a place for women to essentially band together and share wisdom, support, services and techniques on life as a female entrepreneur. And the great thing about this organization, is that it’s global with services and support offered via their online magazine with posts and support offered daily.

I don’t consider myself an entrepreneur. When others ask, “How is your business going?” it usually takes me back a moment. Business? Oh ya. It is a business. That might sound funny to you, but I still think of myself as an artist who happens to sell what I create, which of course means I have a business. Gosh, that sounds obvious. But the word business tends to intimidate me at times, and if it weren’t for Startup Princess, I wouldn’t have the tools I need to grow.

This next event is in Utah (lucky for me!) and I am thrilled about the the guest speakers: particularly Heather Bailey whom I completely admire and look up to. I have watched her growth for the past 3 years and she blows me away. She must be my age there about, has two children, and has basically created her own little empire with her incredible designs. She will be speaking on “Creating products that sell” and “Creativity in life and business.” Sounds yummy. I can’t wait!

If you are in UT or can come out for the event, the early bird registration ends on August 1st. And if you are new to Startup Princess, check out the site now, and get involved! It is a GREAT way to network and build relationships with people that can support what you do.

If you are coming, let me know! It would be just peachy to meet up to chat and meet face to face. Treat yourself to a day away and come on over. It’ll be a party!

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Sale away.

New in the shop: A sale section with items rotating weekly {thanks to a wonderful idea via the black apple}

Each week, I will post NEW items in the SALE section from my shop. Items will be chosen at random and will change each Wednesday. This way, you can snag a chance at getting a discount whenever you like! Enjoy!

The shop.

The sale section.

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Quiet Time.


I had forgotten how a newborn gives me such an added awareness of life all around me. Breastfeeding is God’s gift to mothers as it forces us to sit down a while, making life slow into it’s proper pace. And good thing too. As life gets more full, quiet reflection is the prescribed remedy. Ahhhhhhh…..I’ll take some more of that please!

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photo by Liz Draper


One of my favorite all time quotes. Enjoy your day!

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More ways to win…

Thanks again for all the giveawy entries! If you want to enter into another giveaway, Bloesem Kids (my favorite kid’s design blog) has a giveaway that ends Tuesday July 21st. Petit collage is giving away a free poster or mobile of your choice to three winners when you join their mailing list. I have been a fan of their art for a long time. Don’t you love it? Good luck!

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Wowzers. I don’t think I’ve ever had that many people say Happy Birthday to me before. Thanks so much! Good thing I didn’t have to choose the winner here, and I could let do the work.

#46 and #224, the lucky Amy and Sheri, are the winners! Congrats!

Thanks again folks. So far 30 is great!

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Birthday giveaway!!!

Well. I’m here. I’ve left my 20’s and have just stepped into the great-wide 30’s. I’ve heard your 30’s are the best years and I think I might even be a little excited to try them on for size. Experience tells me I don’t really have a choice in the matter. So….big THREE ZERO here I come!

So….wanna party with me? Presents are necessary for these kinds of events! And I can’t help but to give some away today. I was trying to decide what to give away, and I just couldn’t. So I am letting you choose! Well, two of you!

Two lucky winners will get this:

$50 gift card to my shop!

To enter:

All you need to do is leave a comment and you’re in! And as a return favor, I’d love to see you add my blog to your side bar or links. Spread the word and let’s have a party here:)

The giveaway will go until Friday at 10pm MST and I’ll randomly draw numbers out of a hat and announce the lucky winners on Saturday. Best of luck to all!

But, since all of you can’t get a party favor, I will be adding a free card of your choice to all orders made through Friday. All you need to do is mention “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” in your order, and the gift is yours!

Best of luck to all! Let’s party!

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This past weekend, we picked a few bushels of basil from the garden, and made several batches of pesto that we hope will last us a long time! Many of you inquired about my husband’s pesto recipe. Here it is:

2 cups fresh basil (packed down)

1/2 cup Parmesan cheese

1/2 cup olive oil

1/3 cup pine nuts

2-3 garlic cloves


1. In a food processor, PULSE the basil, pine nuts and garlic.

2. SLOWLY add the olive oil while it is mixing in the blender

3. Add the parmesan cheese

4. Mix thoroughly and dash in salt and pepper to taste

5. Keep refrigerated or freeze

6. TIPS ON FREEZING: freezing in ice cube trays creates portion size cubes perfect for spreading on sandwiches and salads. After they are frozen in the trays, transfer to a freezer bag for freshness.

Bon Appetite!

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