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We’re doin’ fine.

Hello! Wow, thanks for all the congratulations! It has been a wonderful week.

There is nothing so wonderful as having a newborn: I am intoxicated by her smell, her floppy body that I can hold in one hand and her “meow’s” and “coo’s” and “squeaks.” I am in love! We are adjusting fine, and let me tell you….my body is sure happy too! I have sexy ankles again. Well, ok. They sure seem skinny and wonderful after the 9 months I just went through. Anything is sexy after that!

I promise this blog isn’t going to turn into a “look how cute my baby is” blog. I promise. But real quick: look how cute my baby is!

Thanks again for all your sweet emails and messages. Parenthood is wonderful, and has been just the reminder we have needed of what is most important and worth living for. Motherhood is bliss. It really is. My children are in love with their new sister which was apparent upon arriving from the hospital when Addie immediately gave her new sister her pillow, blankie and her favorite doll. “Sisters share, Mom. That is just what they do.” These are precious moments.

I’ll be back with updates on the shop and when I plan to reopen. We’ll be ready soon!

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Miracle of Miracles.

(Baby Ella Jane, 4 hours old)

She’s here!!!!

Baby Ella Jane came first thing Monday morning, and I am completely in love with our bundle of heaven. She is perfect in every way with chubby cheeks, the most kissable mouth, the most elegant fingers (complete with fingernails as you can see by her left cheek:) and the sweetest “meows” and “coos” that melt me like honey. Our children’ are in love with her too, and I guess you could say we’re in heaven and already can’t imagine life without our Ella.

We are doing very well, and look forward to the adjustment to 3 children to play with. So far, so good! Motherhood is bliss.

Thanks again for all your wonderful thoughts, emails and well wishes!

Off to nibble and kiss and snuggle, and maybe throw a needed cat nap in….


A very happy Sarah Jane

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I don’t have a lot of mirror’s in my house, and I often wonder what I look like. This is what Addie my 4 year old mamma-wanna-be thinks of me. She’s dead on. Baby is filling me from my feet to my chin….how can she know?

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still here.

I wish this were me….out shopping keeping up with my other two littles. My belly is that big…but I sure feel a lot less mobile! No sign of her coming yet, which is so ironic to me since I have been dealing with signs of her coming for 6 weeks now. Oh well…more ice cream and pickles for me!

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Illustration intensive.

Still here! Barely. I’m feeling rather like a swollen tomato ready to pop at any moment. I go to bed every night wondering if tonight is the night…but no baby yet. Funny how she nearly came 3 weeks ago, and yet we’re still here!

This week I have been able to attend the fantastic BYU illustrators and writers for young readers conference. WOW. It has been a week long (8am-5pm) intensive workshop/seminar that has given me so much inspiration and motivation to go more into children’s books. I have been able to meet with editors from Random House, Bloomsbury and Harper Collins who been great mentors and teachers this week. Not to mention the fantastic authors and illustrators who are motivating me to get more involved in the world of children’s literature and art.

The best part has been the workshop I have been able to be a part of every morning for 4 hours with instructor Will Terry. Will is a very accomplished illustrator for children’s books, and he has really helped me to get a better understanding of how art is applied to children’s books; a very different world then in design or gallery art. And most of that 4 hours has been used to draw and create…a very nice present before baby comes when I will need to take a break for a while!

So, I am still here….with posts lacking due to my body being very focussed right now on other things besides me. Baby is taking most of my energy, and I can’t wait to meet this little person who gets all the attention at the grocery store and in long lines. She’s a big one she is!

Maybe next post will be an announcement??? Stay tuned.

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Happy Site Friday: LobotoME

My 9 month pregnant brain has needed a whole lot of help lately. I feel like my brain is mush, and I can’t keep it all in order. Well, that is my excuse at least!

LobotoME (Pronounced Lo-Bot-Oh-Me) came into my life a few months ago, and wow. Things have changed. I have tried LOTS of stuff to keep myself and my home in order, but these are my new sanity.


I lost my LIST ME notepad last week, and I have been a wreck! I use Google Docs and Google Calendar for my business needs, but what about when I am not on the computer, then what?

My favorites are the LIST ME, FEED ME, FIT ME (not now….but I know when this baby comes I will be so excited to use this!) and the Weekly Calendar which magically has a place for all these things in one place. It’s Genius.

It’s a great system….perfect for the mom at home trying to keep it all together. They are so simple, and seem to follow the way my brain works!

LobotoME even has a great blog with tips on staying on top of it all. THANK YOU!!!!

These are the kinds of things that keep my happy during the week. Happy Friday!

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Future Me.


I have posted about this site before, but I need to post again since I just got my letter back. is a site where you can write a confidential letter to yourself and request to have it sent to your email at any date you prefer.

So, year and a half ago, I wrote myself a letter with goals I wanted to accomplish by June 2009. I had completely forgotten about this letter, but when I received it this week, I realized that most of my goals had been accomplished! There is so much power in putting your dreams on paper!!!!

Write yourself a letter…a list of goals, things you want changed, what you are feeling in this very moment right now…and see where you have gone sine that moment.

There is power in the written word.

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