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Spring Greetings.

I am nearly done with my new spring stationery! For the first time, there will be stationery for ALL ages! But of course, I did add some invites and cards good for all those spring babies coming. (My little egg has nothing to do with my excitement or anything:)

The image above most of you haven’t seen before…unless you have scrolled WAY back into my archives. This image is my first elephant and bunny image that first inspired me to create Wellesley and Winslow: the elephant and bunny pair I love so much. This image somehow never made it into the shop, so I am super excited to bring them back in!

I have more to reveal later this week! Shop update is scheduled for Friday April 3rd.

Happy Spring everyone!

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Hi there! We’re back.

Wowzers. I think this is the longest I have ever been away from my blog! And not just my blog. From blog surfing, internet research, twitter, and even emails that don’t need immediate reply. Wow. I feel a little strange being back! Not because I didn’t miss piping in about the fun things we have been up to, but because I have had an increased sense of reality.

A older woman I met with yesterday said something I will never forget. She said: “So-and-So is always out in the neighborhood visiting with neighbors, chatting with people in the yard and walking around outside getting to know people. You see, he doesn’t have a TV.”

Well…I think it is safe to say a replacement for TV has become the COMPUTER! The safe place to connect. And a wonderful place! Diets are just recommended to make sure it isn’t our only place to connect. And now, after 12 days or so, I am in check. And for heaven’s sake, I am not even an addict…just someone who loves pretty things, getting inspiration, checking in with people, and keeping up on my business. But now I am back, and happy to check in with eveyone and say a big: I have missed you! Thanks for checking in while I was away. Great things are happening, and I can’t wait to share!

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One of the ‘projects’ I have been filling my time with is getting more interesting product photography for my shop. Oh boy. I love taking pictures, but this is something I am not an expert in! I am hoping that I have had some happy accidents!

The color of my walls (we are renting) doesn’t work with my art and products very well. So, my sister and I went shopping for yards of interesting fabric. We didn’t have a lot of time, but what we came up with worked pretty well! I rented some big studio lights from a local photography shop to help enhance the natural morning light in my home, and we did the best we could! I would have liked to get a fancy camera in addition to it all, but we did the best we could!

I have used a 50 mm lens (the only lens I have that allows the most light!) and went at it. Oh, I wish i had all the time in the world to learn all the things I want to about photography! Hopefully these will do for now!

I hoping to get a website up and running by the time this baby comes, and so this is all in efforts to get one going soon.

And of course, this was all done in my family room, with my darlings running about. Most projects are done this way around here. And they of course wanted some camera time too. They are my best products really. The only thing is, they are not for sale! Sorry.

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We just cut 7 1/2 inches off Addie’s hair over the weekend, and she loves it! We love it! The Little Miss no longer has her baby hair attached to her head, which makes me a bit sad. But oh she is so cute!

Speaking of cutting things off, I am taking a break here for the next week. The internet seems to be the #1 place to check into these days, but I am needing a mandatory diet for 1) to make sure my inspirations aren’t coming strictly from a screen (the WEB’S image overload can be just that…overload!) and 2) to get some necessary projects done. With only 3 months left in my pregnancy, I have given myself some big deadlines so I can be free to mother my little one with as few distractions as possible.

So this week, there are new designs on the agenda, as well as some other less interesting but mandatory projects. But I will be back soon, hopefully with some pretty exciting updates! Spring designs are coming, and I think you will love them! So check back soon! My internet diet can’t last too long…I absolutely love keeping in touch with you guys! So, farewell blog world…time for a brief vacation!


sarah jane

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The baker’s wife.

I know I have mentioned before how in love I am with the fact that I have a gourmet chef for a husband. He calls himself the “Weekend Gourmet”. Because really, it is the weekends that he has the time to just play. To him, cooking is completely a creative outlet. He’ll study baking and cooking from cultures world wide, memorize the principles, and will never touch the recipes again. He will make up his own variations and never create the same thing twice. And often, his best cooking is when he just needs to take a break from the world and play in the kitchen. I really don’t mind when he comes home stressed since it usually means something really yummy is coming!

This weekend there was Irish in his blood. With St. Pat’s just around the corner, he whipped out 3 different kinds of Irish breads: raisin and lemon Irish soda bread, Brown Irish soda bread, and his own variation of Baps (an Irish breakfast role). Oh, and do I mention that he did this all in 2 hours on a Sunday afternoon?

I probably shouldn’t mention that the photos don’t even include the grilled salmon meal or the traditional Irish Corned beef and cabbage meal, both with all the trimmings of a gourmet night on the town. I am REALLY trying to get him to write down his recipes…maybe a little blog pressure will help?

oh yes, I love my life.

Feel free to nibble at the screen.

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Happy Site Friday: Kiddie Records Weekly

Good old fashioned listening!

One of my favorite Date night activities with my husband is listening to old radio shows from the 40’s online at Radio Lovers. We’ll get out the popcorn and the tea, snuggle on the couch and listen to Abbot and Castello, Bob Hope and the Benny Goodman show.

I can remember the “old record days” just barely. My mom would put on a record, and we would follow a long in our books, turning out pages to the chimes. I can still here it. We’d dance along to the music…static sounds and all.

And just when I was getting all nostalgic, my husband led me to this site! Kiddie Records Weekly. Oh this is a treasure! With all the visual media out there for kids to choose from, there is very little listening going on. My kids LOVE listening to books on tape…and now…all the old classics from the 40’s and 50’s are available for free download! All you need to do is download it to itunes, stick these on your ipod and you have amazing car time with your kids! Or even better, snuggle on the couch with popcorn and blankets. Even better if you have the book to go with it…which maybe you do.

However you choose, enjoy! Good old fashioned family listening time is great for the soul. I highly recommend it! Happy weekend!

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Excuse me.

We aren’t getting much sleep around these parts…and it isn’t from a newborn…yet. It is from children old enough to think waking up in the night and keeping their parents up for hours at a time is a rather fun passtime. I mean, I love my kids and all…but I may be taking a break from blogging till I get my brain back. In the mean time…have fun making wall art!

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Make your own gallery: templates

Ok! Due to popular demand, you can now make your OWN art gallery. All you need to do is click on the links (don’t click on the picture: too small), download the image and follow the instructions! Horray! Have so much fun…there are so many others you can make, but for those of you who prefer tracing, this should be a lot of fun!

Sparrow Template

Seal Template

Elephant Template

**EDIT: And yes, I am VERY aware that the bird template is a swallow, not a sparrow. This only goes to show the state of mind a mother can be in when she has her 2 toddlers crawling on her while doing art projects! I could go in and change this posted picture, but instead, let it stand as proof that I am mother and often make silly mistakes at the expense of just getting projects finished in time to please excited little ones!

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