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Happy Site Friday: Amy Butler

I don’t have a lot of pictures of flowers on my blog. I am realizing the lack of spring colors right now, and frankly, I am needing some spring color, so indulge me here. Spring flowers. Spring air. Spring greens. Oh…Spring…come quickly! In the mean time, Amy Butler is my fix right now. I am aching to bring freshness and color into my home right now…so enjoy the eye candy…and maybe, just maybe, Spring will come quicker than we think!


Happy Friday Everyone!

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It’s all about how you tackle it.

I am a super-hero…and today I shall save the world with my cuteness.

PS: if you haven’t heard the latest word: Sheye Rosemeyer is finally selling her Photography actions here. Oh happy day!!

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Shop promoting tips: get inspired by Little Brown Pen

There are so many different ways to promote your business in this day and age. Too many ways it seems. But making a clever video and accessing the audience on YOU TUBE is a super smart way to go. Check out this music video from Nichole of Little Brown Pen. Has me re-thinking the way I use social media.

Nichole Robertson’s arsty shop video

Ok. Aren’t you seriously inspired? I met Nichole on TWITTER and fell in love with her ETSY shop and her BLOG. Nichole is an American living in Paris, and sells PDF’s which is brilliant…I am thinking of all the paper I cut and print each day and am thinking she has it good!

In the mean time, check out her shop: darling, darling.

And for a trip to Paris in February, visit her AMAZING blog: you will feel like you are there.

Have any of you used video to promote your shop? Thanks Nichole for getting me to think outside the box!

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Jack and Izzy

I came across a new ETSY shop this week: Jack and Izzy. I am a sucker for good clean stationery and this shop has just that! She has only been open a week, and I am already eying her Birth announcements. Aren’t they darling? And she has totally inspired me to improve my own product photography…so important! I just love her shop!

I am on a stationery kick right now…expect to see more inspiration and even some new stationery in the shop very soon!

And THANK YOU for all your well wishes on my first book! You are so wonderful and supportive…I can’t thank you enough!

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My First Book!

I have kept a little secret for a bit here. I have been doing a lot of illustrating…but instead of for the shop, it has been for my first book! I just got word yesterday that it has been sent to the printers, so it is official!

Here it is!

Full of Life: Mom-to-Mom tips I wish someone had told me when I was pregnant

Written by Nancy O’Dell

illustrated by Sarah Jane Wright

Published by Simon & Schuster

On shelves April 09, 2009

I have goosebumps all over. I haven’t been able to say anything for so long, and it feels so great to finally get this out in the open! Nancy Singer contacted me a while back about working on a pregnancy book, and by December it was official. Nancy O’Dell, the ever popular celebrity icon of Access Hollywood had her first baby over a year ago, and decided to write a book about pregnancy including all the bits no one seems to be writing about. Mom-to-Mom tips she calls it. She has done a great job!

I was committed to illustrating this book long before I knew the author. And then to find out that the author was a huge celebrity…and that I needed to make the illustrations look like her…I knew I was in for a fun adventure. The editors needed black and white chapter headings with a few icons along the way and I had a great time working together with them on the project. I will say, that illustrating a REAL person forced me out of my own personal style a bit (no generic vintage faces here!) But I am glad. I learned a lot a long the way!

I am sold on the author/illustration business. I love designing new products, but book illustration is so amazing…especially when working with a fantastic group of people…all passionate about what they do. I can’t tell you how invigorating it was to get emails first thing in the morning from NYC with tips and corrections that would steer the ultimate vision for the layout. Soon I hope to get more into illustrating children’s books, but until then, I feel really grateful to put my name on a fantastic publication. Thank you Simon and Schuster for giving me my first chance in the industry!

I feel a huge sense of relief that this is all over with. It was a fantastic experience to be illustrating this pregnant woman while I myself was feeling my own baby kick in side me. I had a huge connection to the material which was so magical! (although, depressing at times to think that there are people in the world that DO look that beautiful when 9 months pregnant!)

It sure wasn’t easy, but it was a wonderful challenge! Note to self: DO NOT…and I repeat…DO NOT illustrate a book while throwing up and pregnant, packing up and moving your home, catching walking-pneumonia, taking care of sick children, moving into a new home or over the Christmas holiday. Oh boy. I think I will try and avoid that next time! In this case, miracles happened and now a life long dream of mine has come true….

I am a published illustrator!

(You can see the book online here.)

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Did you hear?

Small Magazine came out today! Horray!

Another season of Fab finds, art, and photography for the small ones.

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OK. I realize my posts as of late are a bit on the family side of things. Life is mostly family around these parts. But amidst the unpacking and moving and getting over winter colds…oh and makin’ a baby, there has been a bit o’ art. And because we are family here too…I am taking opinions. Kinda like, “High-heels or flats with the dress?” Although, it’s not shoes we’re trying on. Maybe both don’t work, but one has to be better than the other.



(Added later)

Best of both worlds?

do share.

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Weekend peeks.

Around my house:

1. More color. Moving in and getting closer to having a clean vibrant space!

2. Two stickers made friends on my wall.

3. Sleepy boys after a long day of adventure seeking.

4. A happy mama who’s Valentine’s present was 2 FULL days to myself! Result: an almost moved in house!

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