I Heart Blue Lily Photography

When I first heard about Stephanie Neilson (the plane crash, the blog, and her amazing family) I immediately noticed a few things. Besides how overcome and impressed I was with her family, I noticed their amazing family pictures they had taken only 3 weeks before the crash. I was smitten by how the photography completely captured the love this family had for each other.

By searching through Nie Nie’s archives, I found the info I had been searching for. Wendy of Blue Lily Photography was the talent behind the lens, she lived in California and she was coming to Utah in October. I couldn’t have felt more lucky. This woman is gold. She is magic even. She had exactly 1/2 hour with our family in the Orchards (she was only in town a few days and had over 35 families to shoot), which frankly I was terrified about (it can take me 1/2 hour to try and get my kids in the car! how could she capture my family in 1/2 hour!)

But like I mentioned before: Wendy is Magic. She LOVES kids and LOVES people and has a gift. These are just a FEW of the pictures I love. I am having the hardest time deciding my favorites!

If you are ever in the market for family pictures, find out her travel schedule. And get a slot FAST! She is quite the popular gal. Check out her blog here. Thanks so much Wendy! We love you to pieces!

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  • http://kasiesallee.blogspot.com/ Kasie@~The Art of Life

    Oh Sarah!!
    They’re all beautiful. What precious keepsakes for your family. :)

  • http://www.youcanmakethis.com Kim

    Those are GORGEOUS Sarah!! You have such a beautiful family and these photos really capture that.

  • http://www.purestyle.blogspot.com evy

    beautiful photos!

  • http://www.onthedotcreations.typepad.com Julie – On the Dot Creations

    That last (ring around the rosie) shot is fabulous! So much symbolism there!

  • http://chocolateonmycranium.blogspot.com Chocolate on my Cranium

    The mood and feeling that is captured by those photos is wonderful! I wish there was someplace around here where our family photos could be taken. Come to think of it we actually have our ownorchard. I must take a walk down there sometime.

  • http://www.peekabooprints.blogspot.com jen

    These are so beautiful Sarah- I feel so sad i didnt get to see you this trip!

  • Laura

    Those are magical photos! I love them. Where is that spot?

  • Meg

    WOW! I love the photos! That truly is the essence of your family–laughing, singing, dancing, and cuddling! Can’t wait to see you this weekend.

  • http://springtreeroad.typepad.com maya

    the last two? worth 100x their weight in gold. i can see either of them as a big canvass – gorgeous!

  • http://www.stampinmom.com Jamie

    What beautiful pictures, she did an awesome job! You have a beautiful family. Thanks for sharing about Nie, just added a button to my blog. I had seen them around the blogosphere but just took the time to read up on it…I had tears rolling down my face. Thanks for sharing!

  • http://www.createbyret.blogspot.com Rachel

    ohhhh soooo darling! that orchard just may the most famous orchard ever, after both yours & nienie’s families have been photographed there. not to mention, wendy with blue lily might be the most sought after photographer. you’re right – M*A*G*I*C.

  • http://www.inevergrewup.net Vanessa

    How beautiful! I hope she comes to Utah again, I would love to do pictures with her!

  • http://www.stinkylemsky.typepad.com/ Becky

    Those are just beautiful! What an amazing talent – to capture them in thirty minutes!

  • Karin

    Having an adorable family helps, too! Yes-those shots are all great! Love how much you love each other!!!
    -p.s. you stickin’ around this month and next????

  • http://dana-made-it.blogspot.com dana

    Beautiful pictures. She really did an amazing job.

  • http://www.turnersoncloverlane.com Sarah

    Love all of them…esp. the one with the wagon!
    Can you email me? I have a question for you.

  • http://megdowning.blogspot.com Megan

    Those pictures are so beautiful and fun! I love the first on most of all :) Too cute!

  • http://www.lepapierstudioblog.com vana

    how lovely! I am melting to the sight of these beautiful photographs of all your family. I never see you in more than a head shot so is nice to see a complete Sarah Jane:) The kiddos look oh so darn cute…I wish i lived closer…I would totally have used her services….Does she fly to Chicago you think?!!

  • Jennifer

    Dang! Those are absolutely incredible! I really want her to take ours! GORGEOUS.

  • http://pinklemonadeboutiquebags.blogspot.com Caroline

    I love them all, but my favorite is the ring-around-the-rosy shot! What a wonderful gift to have these photos of your family!

  • http://elegraph.blogspot.com kg

    Absolutely gorgeous! I adore the vignette feel to the first pic.

  • http://www.elegantjourney.blogspot.com Jennifer

    They’re all spectacular! Each and every one. :)

  • http://www.miniwhisk.com.au mini whisk

    Wow.. memories and photos for a lifetime… simply gorgeous

  • http://morganmoore.typepad.com Morgan

    Wow- those just turned out gorgeous!! Lucky you!! : )