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There is goodness in the world.

And Ian is doing his “happy dance” in response to your generosity!

Auction Closed!

Thank you so much to LANA who was the final bidder for the FULL set of my Calendar prints. $300 was the closing bid, and I am SOOOOOOOO grateful to all of you who put your ‘money’ in. If you want to keep bidding and contributing to the Neilson Auctions going on this weekend, check DESIGN MOM. There are still MANY amazing auctions going on.

And, if you are wishing you had won the calendar set, I will be listing them in my shop by the end of the weekend.

Thanks you all! This blogging service fest is proof enough that there are good hearts all over this wonderful world. God bless you all.


sarah jane

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Bid Open! Support the Neilson Family!

Today is the day: I am auctioning off my FULL set of calendar prints in support of the Neilson Family that needs our help. For those of you who don’t know, Stephanie and Christian Neilson (parents of 4 children under the age of 5 and author of the ever popular blog: Nie Nie Dialogues) were in a tragic plane crash 2 weeks ago which killed the pilot, Doug Kennard, but left the couple with severe third degree burns covering most of their body (Stephanie 80% and Christian 30%). They leave behind these 4 children who will be living with extended family while Stephanie and Christian remain in critical condition,enduring months and months of treatments. They are currently in a chemically induced coma, and are expected to be for several months. Their medical bills are expected to be in the millions, and people all around the world are committing to help.

So in my efforts to help, I am auctioning off my FULL set of Calendar prints which will be for sale in my shop this weekend retailing at $200. If you are new to my blog and shop, I have been creating a new print every month since last October, and I have finally completed the set! The set included 12 prints, each portraying my dear little girl (who will remain un-named….you choose!) caught in a moment typical of the month she finds herself in. Each print is hand drawn and digitally colored by me, printed on archival fine art paper with archival inks, and lovingly signed by me. Many customers have designated a wall in their home for all 12, or have a single frame that they rotate a new one in every month. Each print features the month on the bottom left hand corner, but you are also welcome to purchase the prints with out the month.


Here is how it works:

I will start the bid at a certain amount: $50.

Write your next bid in the comments section, and keep checking to see who is the highest bidder.

Only bid in increments of $1. No loose change folks.

If someone out bids you, keep adding your bid in the comments section until the Auction is closed and I will announce the highest bidder.

The auction will close Friday Night at midnight.

And remember, the retail price is $200 for all 12 prints…so let’s try and match that:)

Once you have won the bid, you will send the money to the Stephanie and Christian Neilson Fund.

Happy bidding! Good Luck!!!

Oh, and when you are done here, check out for a $150 gift certificate to my shop as well as hundreds of other wonderful things for auction!!

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I ripped this out of a rare vintage storybook dictionary…

Just kidding. This print has been on my mind for a while…and it was worth staying up to finish. I am liking the educational value here. Actually, the colors are my favorite. Be watching for a shop update soon…There is more where this came from.

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Thursday Auction for Nie.

The past week I have been so affected by the Nielson family, and the tragic situation they find themselves in. I am sure you have heard by now…but if you haven’t, Stephanie Nielson and her husband Christian were in a tragic plane crash last week in Arizona which killed the pilot and left Stephanie and Christian in critical condition at the Maricopa Burn Center. They are both in a chemical induced coma while Christian sustains third degree burns on 30% of his body, and Stephanie sustains burns on over 80%. They are likely to be in sedation for months, while their 4 children (all under the age of 5) are living with family in Utah. The expenses are expected to be in the millions, and it seems everyone in the blogosphere world is committed to contributing. Stephanie wrote an extremely poplular blog Nie Nie Dialogues” which I have to admit, I had never heard of until this accident. But I wish I had. Or I am glad I have now. She graciously invited people into her well dressed yet humble abode, expressing her love of life, creativitiy, children, and family. I just know that if I new her, we would be kindred spirits.

But until I do get to meet this awesome family, they need your help.

Design mom is posting a Gift certificate to my shop for the auction on Thursday (the formally declared Nie Nie Day) so visit there to bid on a generous gift certificate. But since I can’t hold back…I want to do a separate silent auction here.

This is how it will work:

I am auctioning off my FULL set of calender prints. I will start the Bid at say, $10. I will then let you all place your bid in the comments section of the post. Keep checking the last bid made in the comments section, and If someone bids higher than you, go ahead and place another and another, until Sunday at 9pm MST I will close the auction. The final bidder will pay the money to the Neilson Fund.

I don’t even know these people, but I can’t help but do something about it. One of my best friends went to school with Stephanie and her siblings, so I do know that Stephanie is only 2 years younger than I am and with 4 children…I just can’t even imagine the emotional costs going on. But the amazing thing, as I am reading her sister Jane’s account (who has taken all 4 children in her home and is documenting the families progress) their faith in Jesus Christ is so solid. They know that God is watching out for their family, and that their family has a divine plan. I am so relieved to know of their complete commitment to God and to each other.

So, come by on Thursday and bid! Check out Design Mom as well for another auction for my shop as well. And most of all…pray for their family. And pray for all families. Separation at any level is so challenging…and I am determined to stick by mine. See you Thursday!

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I am sending my baby off to school.

Or at least that is what it feels like. Ironic, that my last Monthly print is finishing in September, just in time for school to start. Is she really done? Has she really been with me a year? So much has happened this year, and it is all coming to this dramatic finish for me. Well…I’m not finished, but this set is, and I am not really sure how I feel about it.

I have to be honest with you. My October in Polka-dot wellies was never intended to be more than just that. People just liked her so much, I got email after email saying “Are you going to make a whole Calendar set?” I am really honest when I tell you that I had no intention of making one! I just really love the month of October, and that just happened to be the month that I opened my shop. So, I answered back to all those emails saying, “Sure!” And I have loved the journey.

This series is so revealing of my journey as an artist this year as well. You will notice, that these girls aren’t exactly the same in each monthly print. Some have said that they don’t think they are all the same girl…and some say they are. I will leave that up to you. In some prints she seems taller, or her hair seems straighter, etc. But really, it is even more revealing of my favored technique at the time. There is a consistency, but there are a lot of inconsistencies as well, which I hope you find a bit endearing. I do.

So here we have Month by Month” for girls. And because I am so sentimental over this parting, I will also announce, that I am making the very same set for BOYS!! Starting in October, of course. I am really excited, and I have a feeling there will be some really fun moments with this one as well.

So, now the entire year is up for sale in the shop. I have deliberated over the price for a while…I really believe in making all my work affordable. SO, it may seem like a lot to offer the whole set at $200, but it ends up being a savings of $88 total. And, for those of you who have been buying the monthly prints as they come (you know who you are!) I am reminding you that August and September’s prints are on me! (as well as a few extras:) If you haven’t contacted me about that, please send me off an email with your ETSY name and email, so I can look up your orders and address and I will send your prints on their way!!

And, coming soon…in a few days/weeks (or what ever my children allow) will be some really great stationery featuring this year’s set as well as a calendar!

And again, thanks to all of you for all your support! I will be writing more about my journey over the past year…this post isn’t intended for that. But I can’t place this last print up for sale without saying THANK YOU! Really…here is a e-hug from moi!

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Happy Site Friday: Junior Society

Happy Friday! Another great Inspirational sight for all: artist, designer, mother, child, vintage lover…if you haven’t been hanging around Junior Society Blog (Blog of the beloved Mahar Dry Goods founder Robert Mahar) you will be now. He is a scavenger hunter, and keeps you up do date on products and activities that will leave you thinking you are still living in the old-time-when. Have so much fun! Have a great friday! OH…and thanks for all the advice and well wishing with my no-napping Addie. She did have a nap yesterday and oh the joy!! We take what we can get here! Check back soon for new art work coming soon! (wink wink).


sarah jane

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Don’t you just wish?

I am convinced that she gets more free time at the end of the day. But then again, she doesn’t look as good in heels…

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Scrap Owls, sewing lessons and what to do with your 3 year old when they stop napping.

I think this is it. I really hope not, but this might be the beginning of the end. Have you noticed how I haven’t had much new art work up lately? Yes, I have had family in town, and I have been busy with the shipping/packing side of things. But the biggest reason? Addie has decided she “doesn’t sleep in the day.” I spent the first half of the week panicking. This is MY only time in the day to really WORK, and I have been in denial that this day would come. She still needs a nap, and I really hope we can fit in a few per week before they dissipate completely. (I may sound really calm…but behind this computer screen, tears of agony are streaming down my face!)

So Friday comes around, and after 45 minutes of trying every creative way to sleep my toddler, we sit on the couch and read together. She picks up “Pottery Barn Kids” (which by the way, I am becoming more and more impressed with!) and after a few pages, spots an Owl Softie on a model bed, and says “Mommy, can we make this?”

As upset as I was that I was losing precious work time to my stubborn toddler, my heart melted! Don’t most kids say “Can I have this?” I am sure I did. The fact she knew that she could make something like that got me really excited. And since I am used to working hard and creatively during nap time anyways, I said “YES!”

So, I dusted off my sewing machine (literally!) and we got to work. Addie and I drew a pattern with green crayon, And she helped me cut it out, helped me pick the fabrics from my scraps, place the pins, and she proudly sat on my lap while I sewed it on the machine. (Oh, and yes, Addie is “wearing her skin” as she calls it. We cannot keep clothes on this child. She does however have a wicked tan line that could easily pass for a shirt!)

I digress. Please people…don’t look close here! I am a sloppy sewer, and with a very impatient and very wiggly three year old on my lap (“Mommy, let’s make her wings now!! Now!!”) I was in no mood for perfection. By bed time, she was all but stuffed, but Addie still slept with her anyways! We stuffed her this morning, and they haven’t parted since! For a girl who dreams of princesses, mermaids and sparkely jewels, I was tickled that she would be so attracted to Owls (very trendy girl, eh?). She did, however, name her Owl Ariel.

So, here we have Ariel, the nocturnal (wink wink), motherly, orange and pink bird who seems to me to have quite a sense of humor! She must since she is so tolerant of her big over-sized beak, crooked head, floppy legs, button eyes I stole from a sweater, and the fact that we made her pregnant…or motherly…depending on the location of the baby owl in her poscket. We sure love her though! She fits my Addie to a T. And though I am in no way celebrating a napless afternoon, I am celebrating that Addie is learning that good things don’t grow on trees. Somebody had to make that toy, or doll, or car or brownie. She is so interested in sewing, and though I am not a proficient seamstress, I am just glad that her 3 year old eyes can’t tell! And now, I may just be back to getting up before the crack of dawn to get my work done…but at least Addie has nocturnal friend to stay up with when she should be sleeping!

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