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She’s here.

OKee dokee. One more left, and this year’s set will come to an end. Can you believe it?

So, here is the deal:

There are a lot of you who have been faithful and wonderful and have bought each month as they have come out. You know who you are. I know who you are! If you have been buying all along, or have all 10, AUGUST AND SEPTEMBER ARE FREE!!!!

So, please just email me making sure to include your name and your ETSY ID name, and I will send you the rest of the year free of charge…mostly to say “you are awesome, I love you, and thanks!!”

For the rest of you who may be new, once the set is complete, there will be a discount for buying all 12 at a time. And, a calendar is in the works, so be watching!

Anyways, can you believe it is AUGUST already?

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Does your brain ever feel like this:





Ok. So how do you snap out of stress-crazy-mommy-brain? Do tell.

Today my therapy was crazy monkeys and stationery.

Me: Ian, time to wake up!

Ian: Opens his big puppy dog eyes, looks me in the eyes, and says “Hi Guys!”

Addie: “OH mommy! We love our chudders!”

(For a girl with a bright vocabulary, I just love that she still mispronounces “each other”)

Oh, and one more. Before dinner, Addie comes up to me, and in a British accent says:

“Mother, may I have a spot of cheese?”

Just melt me now!

What else to do when my brain is on overload?

I instinctively create really simple art. It’s not planned, it just comes. And I have to do something about it, or my brain stays fried.

OK…so here we have NEW stationary!!! Horray!! I have only been selling postcards really, and as much as I love postcards, I am a sucker for hand printed paper! This paper is lovely. It has a similar feel to my art prints: almost watercolor paper. Slightly textured, and soft. Love it. I just can’t get over how cute these cards are! These animal pairs really come to life on these printed cards.

I also have another addition to the shop: Grace is in card size now. Perfect for pinning up, or sending.And since we are talking about updates: My AUGUST print is coming! Late, but for good reasons:)

Ahhhh…so the brain is feeling better now. Now to sneak that Key lime pie Kenneth made today (baking it was his therapy). I love my life.

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Ahoy there!

Ahhhhh….we’re back! Hello! How are you! I have missed catching up with all y’all. Ok, yes, I spent a week in the South….and LOVED it!!! I grew up in Maryland, right outside of DC, and my family is still there which means I don’t get to see them much (boo hoo cry) but even worse, my parents don’t get to see their grandkids much (boo hoo CRY!!!!!). So, we just had the best week EVER! Instead of hanging around my parents’ house, we decided to hang around our favorite East coast beach location: Corolla, NC. Any of you OBX people? OBX= Outer Banks. There is a strip of sand (ok…land) off the coast of North Carolina that is at some points no more than a few hundred yards wide. One side is the ocean, the other side is called the “sound.” So essentially, you are never more then a few steps away from water anywhere you go. HEAVEN!!!

Here are a few favorite pics:

kisses all three

my surfer babe husband

by surfer BABE

Addie in a rainstorm that took the power out

My sister, Mom and I

View of the Corolla light house

yummy fresh seafood

Oh, and that picture of the crab has a story: Kenneth and I picked up some live crab at a fish market down the street and steamed up crab for a lovely dinner. My whole family sat around the table cracking away. Addie, who had never seen any one EAT a crab (they had been playing with toy crabs at the beach) saw Kenneth devouring this thing. “Daddy! Why are you cracking that crab’s head!!!!” She panicked. Oh, that was a hard moment:)

Virginia is for lovers!

Reading prose as dusk.

On the way home from NC, Kenneth and I took the kids for an afternoon in Williamsburg. Gorgeous. With the kids, we couldn’t do much more than walk around outside, talk with the locals (actors in period costumes) and douse ourselves in ice cream (Virgina+July= HOT!) But, oh we had a blast. My kids were so reluctant to say goodbye to Nani and Papa! As was I. Oh, and did I mention I had no cell phone reception and very little internet reception? It takes being without to realize how much you spend your day WITH!! I highly recommend going on a internet diet every now and again. Seriously, after a week without, and then going to Colonial Williamsburg, I am seriously thinking about moving to Amish country. Ok, I think I like my computer too much! But oh it was nice!!

Well, I can’t wait to catch up with you all, and sorry for any delayed emails! I am back and rolling!

xoxo, sarah jane

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Summer Days.

Oh the lazy days of summer. What would I do without them!

Hello! I have been away from blogging and internet in general, and folks, I highly recommend it! I am in North Carolina with my family soaking up the beaches, and I am telling you, this is therapy at its best! We have been getting tons of rain, and quite a few violent thunderstorms…the kind that require hot cocoa and a few board games wrapped in a blanket. Where we are I don’t have cell phone reception, very little internet reception, and we have even had a few power outages which frankly have been so romantic. Eating dinner and going to bed by candlelight is my kind of summer evening.

Speaking of rainy days, good thing I brought tape, paper, scissors and plenty of coloring tools. We have been spending many a afternoon with paper creations. If I was home though, I would be making these: have you been keeping track of all her at-home-projects? So perfect for those rainy days (these projects take a little planning, but I can’t wait to try them with the kids!)

Hope you are all enjoying some good doses of summer. It takes a lot for me to indulge in lazy-go-with-the-flow days, but I will tell you it does wonders for the busy mom.

I will be back soon! Most likely after I get home and into real life. Right now, I am convinced that real life should require more “lazy days” than it has in the past. Oh thank goodness for Lazy Days!

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Happy Site Friday: Seeing the Everyday

I am out of the studio enjoying much needed time with parents and family, but I couldn’t leave Happy Site Friday empty today! I am so excited to introduce to you an incredible new magazine that will inspire you to live the everyday, simple moments to their fullest. SEEING THE EVERYDAY is new to the shelves, but is getting wide spread attention because of their simple focus on “the daliy interactions taking place at home.” Taking great care to reveal the detailed ingredients that makes a home beautiful, warm, loving and whole. One of my favorite quotes is “The most important work we will ever do is within the walls of our own home” (Harold B. Lee)  and this magazine takes you into those rooms and corners where memories are made, and moments are lived. Stunning photography, beautiful personal accounts, endless quotes, and illustrated pages leave you thinking that it really WAS worth your time to clean the kitchen with your boys today. Or let your daughter crack the eggs for the first time. Or being up in the night with your autistic son. REAL life. REAL living. REAL pages. And, AMAZING! There are NO advertisements and the pages are matted so you really feellike you are carrying around a keepsake. you will LOVE this! I wish wish wish I could send each of you a copy, but I will leave a few quotes I find inspiring this morning:

“It is not about making a cake, dinner or any number of important things…It is, however, about making a child. A unique, one of a kind, significant individual” Lawrence Elliott

“Work as hard as you play and play as hard as you work” Esther Packard

“God must have loved ordinary events, because he made so many of them” Abraham Lincoln

I am so inspired and thrilled to see media out there pursuing the happiness within the home. So, get off your computer screen, and write a letter with your child, or bake a cake, or color. That is where I am headed! But sometime today, stop over here and pick up your copy. Happy weekend everyone!


sarah jane

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Ok…this post is full to the brim…but read it all! Yummies at the bottom:)

Happy Monday everyone! This week is exciting for me for a couple of reasons: I have completed some new art that I just added to the shop, it’s my birthday this week, and I am heading out of town again to see my family back East. So many reasons to celebrate!!

But before the party starts, I wanted to show you some new prints I just added to the shop.

This set is so exciting to me because I love getting more diversity in the children playing around here in these parts. My inspiration has always been vintage storybooks and vintage illustration…most of which sport “Dick and Jane” type characters. So, here are these girls (aren’t they just beautiful?) ready to play! The Chinese and Japanese characters I think will be optional, but I do think they add so much to the pieces. I had fun with these!

Oh…but there is more! Do you remember these? Well, I am just now getting around to adding them to the shop. “I love my sister” and “I love my brother” are now companions to “I love my Mom” and “I love my Dad.” Too cute!

And now what I am really excited about because I have been waiting to post these for a while now…color alterations on these two prints are going to go so much better with the rest of my shop. When I first opened, my color palette wasn’t as defined as it needed to be, and now, I am changing my “Read with me” and “Dress up party” prints to fit in with all my other prints in the shop. Before they were a dusty pink…almost fleshy colored. Fine for then, but not for now. Welcome fresh, bright, and more alive with color:

and, like I mentioned a bit ago, these lovelies are getting added too:

So…We have completed (for now) the Asian, French and Pink…now on to more fun! But before all that…the best part is…

BUY 2 GET 1 FREE !!!

(within the ENTIRE shop, that is!)

I can’t help having a little party to thank you all for your support and friendship! I wish I could just have a backyard party and invite you all for lemonade and cupcakes (hmmmm…that would be fun!)

But I can’t, so this is the best way I can say thank you!!! Here’s how it works:

Details: July 14th-17th (Mon-Wed)

Free item: equal to or less than the items purchased.

Purchase 2 items: mention the 3rd in ‘Message to seller’ box

Orders made July 17th-July 28th: All orders will be shipped July 28th

So, happy Monday and have a great week!!! Thanks a billion, and have fun!


Sarah Jane

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Happy Site Friday: Camille Souloyral

If you have been here a while, you know that every Friday is a Happy one. Today is Happy because I get to share with you a new favorite and very inspiring site: Camille Soulayrol is an interior designer, writer and creative who has worked with Marie Claire Idees as well as others putting together beautiful spaces. These are some of my favorite.

I love seeing REAL lived in children’s spaces that are full of color and quirkiness. Knowing my art hangs mostly on the walls of children’s rooms, I become very inspired by these spaces, and imagining how art and decor work together to enhance a space. I believe in both functionality and whimsicality in a chilren’s space, and these images tickle my senses! And, of course, Camille is French and the site is in French…even more reason to Oh-la-la these spaces. Enjoy and Happy Friday!

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Newest pets…er,um, Prints!

Hello Hello!

These prints have been folded up and hiding in my pocket for a while now. I am planning on putting them up for my grand restocking of the shop coming soon. Again, different than the vintage children you are seeing a lot more of lately, but these little bunnies go so well with my vintage-y, French-y animals. They have been needing some more friends, and these two were happy to oblige. They just look so snuggable, and I just wish they weren’t so two dimensional so I could just reach out and squeeze them! This set was really fun, because you can’t tell from far away, but the bunnies were actually hand painted. Most of my coloring is all digital (which was a conscious choice with having babies around). It was really fun to get the paints out again.

Just wanted to pop in an also say thanks for all the kind words about the magazine article, and the new Asian theme going. You make me blush! In the mean time…back to the studio to finish up some more fun stuff! C-ya around!


sarah jane

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