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She can even make Ugly beautiful.

OK. I have to admit that I do the dumbest things as a mom. I hope I am not the only one here who hits her forehead daily and says “Dumb! That was really dumb!” Like when you give your child crayons to play with so you can finish that phone call, or when you leave them unattended with play dough, or when you give them ice cream cones in their car seats just to avoid getting in an accident during rush hour.

Well, this was worse.

I missed my daughters dance class pictures. I got her all excited about dressing up in her new costume, wearing makeup and practicing how to not “fake smile” for the camera. 20 minutes before class, I got a phone call from a mom. “Oh we missed Addie on Saturday for picture day.” My heart SANK!!! How could I be so dumb!!! Addie started to get worried at my tone, so I quickly hung up and told her that we were ready for her glamour portraits in the living room. I played photographer, and she was SO proud. I was SO glad that she is only 3 and didn’t know what to expect, and that she can still believe that her mother is the REAL photographer.

To be honest, I was dreading picture day with her in this bright orange, black and copper fruffy dress. I mean, BLAH!! Who comes up with these costumes?!?(This is for a Lion King dance…so I guess orange=lion.) But even still, she is gorgeous. These pictures will always remind me of my absent minded brain. But even more, they will remind me that Perfection isn’t always lost when dressed up in a bunch of ugly. She makes this dress look stunning. Only she. Only Addie. Unaffected by the yucky. And seemingly unaffected by her mother’s dumb mistakes. Oh she is perfect. Thanks Addie.
(and for my utter distaste for those 80’s glamour shots, I just had to throw this in:)

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Addie age 1

“And above all watch, with glittering eyes the whole
world around you because the greatest secrets are
always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those
who don’t believe in magic will never find it.
~ Roald Dahl ~

Addie age 3

This week I learned from my children that:

  • Your shadow is your best friend because it is always with you
  • Monsters live in trees but they are scared of daddy’s
  • Sunshine is meant to be felt with just your skin on (even when it is 40 degrees outside)
  • Flowers are for giving to people (especially the cashier at Target)
  • Dirt is for toes
  • One piece of broccoli is a tree. Two pieces of broccoli is a dark forest.
  • Igloos can be made from an end table and blankets
  • Tree stumps are for sitting on when you are sad.
  • Big stretches of green grass are for taking a “belax”
  • Trees are for hugging.
  • Butterflies have mommies too.
  • Nail polish and chapstick makes you a princess.

And so I add to that beautiful quote:

Watch with glittering eyes your children and you will see the whole world as it really is. And you may even end up believing in magic.

Happy Monday everyone!

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Happy Site Friday.

I am so eager to share this site with you all. This site is #1 reason I got my start on ETSY this past October. I stumbled upon a meeting in my town in September 2007, and found out about this GREAT organization. Startup Princess empowers women to begin their dreams of starting a business. Their Motto? ” Make a wish, make it happen.” They provide “Fairy Godmothers” (mentors) to steer you in the right direction whether you are just starting , or a seasoned professional looking for more information and advice. And lucky for all of us, they have a website where you can access articles, podcasts, and all sorts of networking information. From becoming part of Startup princess, I have been so fortunate to meet some remarkable people in my field. Kelly King Anderson…the founder of Startup Princess…is an AMAZING networker and has introduced me to wonderful talents like Jaime Lentzer of Jaime painting and design, and Shelly Kennedy of Drooz studios. Women are the best networkers, aren’t they? And Kelly has counted on the unique qualities of women to create this great site and resource for anyone in the startup of a business. She also posted an interview about me yesterday that is now on the site. She outlined a bit of my startup venture and is a little too kind. But I hope someday to really be able to help other women (mom’s especially) to live their dreams of starting up some kind of venture. Check out this site! It is a GREAT resource!

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May Flowers.

She is here. I have been waiting to get her done for a while now…and she couldn’t wait any longer. No more rain! Horray for spring! I do have to say, she is a bit more “girly” than my other prints, but Spring does that to a girl, doesn’t it? She even reminds me a bit of Bottecelli’s Birth of Venus (but with a gingham dress). OK…so it’s a stretch. But how appropos. She will be in the shop this afternoon!

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I can’t believe it. My sales just hit 1000. Sarah Jane Studios opened October 4th, 2007. That was 6 1/2 months ago, and boy has it gone by fast!

I really have to just say thanks to all of you. Really and truly, this has been an amazing journey (with it’s fair share of downs as well…I am my worst critic!) Truth be told, I love it. I love creating (I can’t stop!) and I have really loved meeting really great and talented people along the way. Thank you, Thank you! I have been so lucky to feel supported all along the way!

I wish I could just personally thank all of my wonderful customers and readers individually. I take great care in packaging to make sure that they know how appreciative I am. But I have to add an extra thanks this week to really celebrate!!

I will be adding ONE FREE “I would really like to” notepad to the next 30 orders. But you have to mention it to me in your purchase in the “message to seller box.” Just say ” Blog Reader” or something like that:)

Thanks so much to all of you! Support is everything to a mom, a woman and especially and artist, and I have had just the best time on this little journey! I am excited for another 6 months ahead!

Gotta go outside now and plant something…it’s Earth Day! (How appropriate!)

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Happy Site Friday.

This site has my heart. Not often do I come across images of children with such innocence and vogue at the same time. I LOVE the vintage feel with modern flair and functionality. (Say that 10 times fast:) No, I just had to post about this site that I have come back to now an again as I search for great clothing to put my illustrated children in. I won’t be dressing my own children in these (unless Sarah Jane Studios puts in me in the next tax bracket sometime soon…um, no.) But without further ado, I introduce to you:

Notice the fabrics.

Notice that the kids are just KIDS and not ‘models.’

Notice the outdoor settings…just perfect for those restless kids.

Notice the softness.

Notice the vintage meets modern (my favorite). Notice the innocence.

Well, I might not be able to hold back…just look at those shoes!

Thanks Flora + Henri

Until next Friday…

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Mamma and her boys.

These past few ‘vacation’ days have flown by! I have loved this time to create more, and wishing that I could just work faster. It sometimes feels like my brain is so full of images that I have to get them out on paper or I am just going to burst. I keep a sketch book with me at all times, but sometimes taking real “art time” is necessary. I have been working on a few other projects that I can’t really post about right now…hopefully soon. But these new prints are enough to keep me happy!

All this is available in the shop now. I have more coming, as always, but now I must get back to shipping and packing!

I am also going to be making my “I love my mom” cards available as singles in honor of Mother’s day coming up. Don’t miss out on these elephants!

And speaking of Mamas and Boys, check out my forever crush. He loves hanging out with me. He is my little side kick. I just can’t get enough of his short stubby, squishy legs. Oh!! I love him!

Thanks for all your lovely comments about the chairs by the way! Have a great weekend and see you back for “happy site friday!”

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3 bears revisited.

Ok. I am so excited about these. I have had this in my head for a while now, and I finally got these made while my dear husband took the kids to the dinasaur museum this morning. I love my husband! I know that 3 beds and 3 bowls will follow…lots of ideas for those. Let’s just say that Anthropologie is a big place for my inspiration. Love that place. You can find the middle “soft” chair at anthro for only $1124.00 (on sale!) Geesh. I’ll take just a drawing, thank you very much. Well, here we have BOY and GIRL. Take your pick! I will be stocking the shop full of stuff tomorrow, so be watching! Back to the drawing room…

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