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My Weekend Gourmet.

We call him the ‘Weekend Gourmet’.

His stats: tall, dark and handsome.
His title: teacher, father, and chef extraordinare.
His therapy: cooking.

We are going to Hawaii in a couple months, and I have been desperately trying to get rid of those unwanted pounds I put on over the winter. But I have no hope. None. I have an amazing excuse to eat food. The reason? My husband. He loves too cook like I love to draw. It is in his blood. His therapy after a really stressful day is cooking up some new inventive recipe. My therapy after a really hard and stressful day is eating his really amazing new and inventive recipe. We make an incredibly good pair.

No, I have no reason to blame him. It is really my laziness about getting to the gym. But really…can you blame me when this was our weekend?

This is every weekend. And this is just “easy food.” The kind of food he can make quick without thinking. You should see him on holidays. Or during the summer. You should see his library of books he POURS over…every culinary institute’s manual, every ethnic cookbook, you name it he has read it. And I love it.

My kids love it too. Our weekends are spent making sure the kids aren’t falling off the counters while they are covered in flour. They LOVE to cook with dad. I think they always will. And I think that I will always be his best food critic…um…taste tester that is!

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check it out…


Last weekend for the BUY 2 get one FREE offer.


If you are in UTAH, come see my stuff at the BABY EXPO at the Southtown Expo Center. I have a small spot with ONEITY. It should be a lot of fun! Come on down and have a chat!

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Happy Site Friday.

Hello. Happy Friday. Today I bring you color and light from the Netherlands. Yvonne from Yvestown has created a beautiful blog/shop/site that is happy candy for the eyes. Many of you are familiar with her site. I crave these clean bright rooms of hers, her taste for color and non-color, and her love of spring and fresh.

Be ready to be inspired by her fresh take on crafts, home decor and gift making.

She had an ETSY shop where she sells these darling Alphabet pillows. She has just moved the shop to her own website for better custom making. Aren’t they to die for?

Thanks Yvonne for inspiring us all!

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Let’s talk: Art for children.

Art for children’s rooms. One of my favorite topics of discussion. I have such strong feelings about this (really?) and have come across a GREAT article on the REAL SIMPLE website. Holly (from Decor 8) talks about 1) the love of great nursery decor and 2) the increasing opportunities to buy inexpensive art for your kids. I was FLOORED when I saw one of my images up in her pick of 60 or so prints that she likes. I really had no idea. I was reading my first favorite children’s artist blog and she mentioned this article and so I checked it out…and voila!

See that little teaparty action happening on the left there? geesh! About give me a heart attack. Real Simple is a favorite place for me, so that was extra special. Thanks Holly!

But I bring this up, because there is just a lot more out there than there used to be. When I was first pregnant I was trying to figure out what *style* I wanted to incorporate in my children’s playroom and nursery. There is so much to consider when deciding! Color, theme, style, gender, baby or big kid, etc. I truly believe that you have to know your child and decorate with their personality in mind. For instance, I spent my entire pregnancy collecting fabric for Addie’s crib bedding and after Addie was 6 months old, I abandoned it because it just wasn’t “her”.

Here are some of my favorite art prints for kids as well as some pointers to consider when purchasing art for your child:

1) Have your child test it. Circumstances won’t always allow your children to see the art before you purchase it, but my children are my BEST testers. I print off a copy of all my new prints, and let them hold it. If I find them looking at it for a long time, or carrying it around with them, I know I have a winner. Addie has been known to sleep with a few.

2) Timelessness. You will most likely redo your child’s room by the time they are 8. But will the art work for 6-8 years? Will it be too babyish in 3 years? Maybe it doesn’t matter to you…but it sure is something to consider.

3) Does it have an easy color scheme? I am not “matchy matchy”. I really don’t like everything to be just perfect. But I do consider that in the next couple months, Addie will need a new bed and new bedding. Can I easily find bedding that will “go” with the decor she already has?

4) What is it teaching? Not every piece of art will tell a story, or teach something. In fact, most won’t. But good art will stay in your child’s mind for years to come. Do you remember what was in your room in your early years? I do. I had a picture of Jesus with the children, an embroidered “one, two buckle my shoe” piece and a print of the Goose Girl. I remember falling asleep staring at these images. They are a part of my first memories as a child. I can’t say that they “taught” me anything, but there was a feeling of safety and comfort in them. What kind of comfort do you want to offer your child?

You will notice that the art above is different than my own style, but that is what I love about art for kids…why do “Matchy Matchy?” Let your children imagine a reason it all goes together. As an artist and mom, these thoughts are running through my head as I continually adjust my kids’ room, but also as I create the art itself.

For more ETSY artists, check out this link: 100 ETSY artists. Some really great finds! Stay tuned for more…I could chat about this subject for hours!

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Just stay little.

We are shoe shopping again and Ian’s pants are too small, and I find myself groaning not for the lack of funds to clothe my children (well that too), but for my babies that aren’t going to be babies forever.

I have a funny feeling that in 10 years, Ian won’t want to hold my hand. Or kiss my lips. Or lay his heavy head into my neck. Or brush my hair.

Addie isn’t going to ask my permission to use nail polish. She won’t be kissing my owies. Her bum won’t fit into my hand. And she won’t be wrapping her body around my torseau and clinging to me when she is scared of loud noises.

I hope she still says “Mom, we’re the girls” and “You’re my best friend” like she does now. And that Ian will still tell everyone he meets that I am his mom…with that proud inflection in his voice.

Oh–Ache my heart for little feet, little hands, little voices, little noses, little kisses, little laughs and little shoes.

Just stay little.

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End of March SALES and an early APRIL print

OK….so April is almost here and March is on its way out! And I want to celebrate by offering all of YOU another free print. Yep…another Buy 2 get one FREE! Again, I am only offering this to my blog readers (if you are reading this, that means YOU!). I have really loved hearing from you and getting great feedback, and it is time to return the favor…again!

SO: Buy TWO products and receive a 3rd one (of equal or lesser value) for FREE! All you need to do is purchase TWO items, and at checkout, tell me the third one you want in the “message to seller” box. You will only be charged for shipping on your two items, so you save on shipping as well! But it is just this week, ending on March 31st.

Today is actually a beautiful day. Not a sign of rain at all. But I finished my “APRIL” print, and loved it so much, I wanted to offer it as “non-calendar” print with more standard sizing. For some reason, I am really drawn to this print. I can’t say that I really “LOVE” all my art work. It is the artist in me. Never really satisfied…always needing to create something new. But this (to me) really captures that pensive feeling I get sometimes on a rainy day.

Have fun, and enjoy the last week of March. I sure will. Rain or Shine.

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Happy Easter Everyone!

He has the carrot, she has the bunny. They make a good pair. Well, sometimes. Oh, I just have to repost last year’s Easter picture for laughs:

Seriously, this was the best shot we got last year. Right before church in their Sunday Best. Come one now…isn’t this what most Easter pictures are really like? Trying to get them to sit down next to each other while they are still fresh and clean in their new clothes. Ya right.

This year, we just bagged the whole “Come on! Sit together!” picture, and snapped some of them by themselves. Well, I must admit, we tried to get them to sit together, but this is what we got instead.

Hopping Easter bunnies. At least they were in character:) Happy Easter Everyone!

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Well, every artist is entitled to do a little something for herself….and this print is just that. I often am creating images from my own childhood, or my children’s experiences. Today, I post a print that reflects what I am feeling right now. I can’t put it into words, and so I had to draw it. I guess that makes me an artist…not a writer. I can’t even say that I am waiting for anything…but the title just seemed to fit. You can make of it what you will, but for me, in this moment, maybe it’s the stillness in this image I am drawn to. No wind. No noise. No distractions. Just a calmness.

Happy Easter everyone. Not bunnies today…but revived dancing french elephants to say…”Dance a little. It’s SPRING!”

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