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We interupt this regular news program….

…to announce the beginning of March!

Horray for March. I love green. I love wind. I love the clearing away of winter (or at least the start). Three cheers to St. Patricks, Easter, Spring, my brother’s birthday, My cousin’s birthday (tomorrow), my uncle’s birthday, and to all the wonderful jitters I get from getting to be outside again.

Go fly a kite!

(a green one:)

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Happy site friday.

Room Seven. I have yet to own anything from them, but I am secretly hoping to redo Addie’s room in these colors and with this bedding. And OH! The colors! So much of my inspiration in my art comes from these colors. (Not all…I am still trying to incorporate these colors more, although it poses a challenge when putting these brighter colors on paper).

Room Seven is founded by Brechtje Olsthoorn, a dutch woman whose parents were the minds behind the dutch clothing brand OILILY. Her colors are crisp yet soft, and remind me of my own childhood.

I just love the ocean blue mixed with the pink and the red. My FAVORITE! Here is a taste of what inspires me, and what hopefully will inspire your friday!

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Support in the Studio.

There are so many components to running a small business from home, and I am the first to say that I have not done this alone. I need to pay tribute to so many of you who have helped me and supported me this far!

My husband for believing in me and being patient with me when I choose to say up all night on a project. And for just being the most incredible husband on the planet.

My parents for supporting my ideas and always paying special interest. (sorry Dad, Carol and John…I coulnd’t find a quick picture of you!!!)

My wonderful cousin Liz who has been my new “hired help” the past two months and can do just about anything!

My sisters in law Robyn and Megan for being my on-the-spot babysitter when I find my self in a mini-crisis and Ann for being an AMAZING financial advisor!

My dear new-found-friend Kelly for all her incredible advice and wisdom

My online friend Jaime for her support and advice about the details of running an art business

And to all of you who have offered up words of encouragement and support along the way!

This list could go on and on. I am just so grateful for all the help I have received! I could definately not do this on my own!

And that brings me to my next item of discussion:


I am raising my prices starting in March. This has been a really hard decision for me, since I aime at making my art work affordable for all. I really “poo-poo” all the children’s art work that is incredibly overpriced and seems to sell to the “elite” few who can afford hundreds of dollars in art for their children. But I also feel, that under priced art work isn’t in any one’s interest either. With needing more hired help these past couple months, and with the value of the materials that I use in the art making process, I am raising my prices just a bit to compensate. The challenge comes with placing a value on my work, and I have struggled over this one. But I feel that now is the time and I hope that you can support me on this one.

I mention this to you, because I want to give you a chance to buy before the weekend is out and my prices go up $5 per print. My prices will remain the same until Sunday March 2nd.

Once again, thank you to all of you who continue to offer so much support and encouragement! I just am a very lucky gal!

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Save the Date.

In my previous life (BC: Before Children) I was an actress/singer/dancer. I know, it is sometimes hard for me to believe that I spent my evenings doing shows and rehearsals! I guess a lot of you don’t know that I graduated with a BFA in musical theater. I taught voice lessons at BYU for 2 years, and still teach at home. I don’t really miss it…other than my experience I had playing the lead role in this musical for three years. I actually haven’t really done much on the stage since Addie was born…although we do have rounds of broadways performances every night on our couch with favorites such as “SHY” and “TOMORROW” and “STRONGEST SUIT”.

The reason for bringing this up on my very mommy/artist blog is to mention to all you UTAH citizens out there that my husband and I will be performing in a benefit concert this Friday night at Lone peak High school.

Here is the excerpt from the the newspaper:

The Shari Warner Benefit Concert: A Lullaby of Broadway

Friday, February 29th, 7:30-9:00 PM, Lone Peak High School, Highland, Utah. Shari Warner is a compassionate, kind, generous mother of eight children who is losing the battle with pancreatic cancer. Steve Wallace, Soni and Jodie Barrus, and 16 of Utah’s top performers have put together a broadway revue-style benefit concert in her honor. The show includes songs from “Wicked,” “42nd Street,” “I Do, I Do,” “The Scarlet Pimpernel,” “Les Miserables,” and other favorite musicals. There is no charge for admission, and the night is sure to be an up-beat, unforgettable one full of family-friendly fun!
Time: 07:30 PM
Date: Feb 29
Location: Lone Peak High School auditorium
Category: Family Entertainment
Address: 10189 N 4800 W

I tell you this, because I have seen what good it can do to bring the community together and support a family such as this. I don’t know them personally, but I have met her children, and they are remarkable. Her youngest child is 12.

If you have any inclination to see an AMAZING review of all your favorite broadway songs, please come. It will be a wonderful night.

Other performers include Natalie and Jared Haddock, Skye and Ben Cummings, Jillette Dayton, Jennifer Latimer, Gerry Graves, Michelle and Ross Boothe, to name a few.

See you there!

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Inside the mind of a 3 year old.

Addie’s prayer over her vegtable dinner last night:

“Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you for this day.

Please bless Mommy to find the ice cream.


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I gain so much inspiration from other mothers who are figuring it out as they go just like me.

But today, here is some inpiration from Grandma.

She is the mother of 10 (no twins) and a do-it-yourself / make-it-yourself kinda gal. I could write a book on this woman, for the sake of writing time this morning, lets just say that with a small house, not a lot of money and a lot of kids, she leaned on her creativity day in and day out.

You all notice how the true wooden doll house has made a comeback. Well folks, this is the REAL thing.

I just have to share how awesome this house is: it was built like framed house…beams and everything…a miniature house in every way. I remember playing with it with open walls in it’s “pre-finished” state. We got to imagine so much with it!

My grandmother has since added foam core walls (some rooms are still a little makeshift), carpet linoleum and even finished the roof by breaking off the leaves of pine cones, placing them carefully in rows and painting a thick coat of paint to make it look like terra cotta tile. Oh…and notice the stucco siding.
We all love looking at ingenious ideas from mom/craft/parenting blogs. But this my friends, is from grandma. And it has lasted for my own kids to enjoy.

Now Anyone want to build this for me?

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Ok…I think I have been tagged about a jillion billion times (wow! That is a lot!) by my cousins, and so now I am giving in to the blog-peer pressure.

But before I do: Note the picture above. Mica, Me and Hannah (we are the oldest girl cousins of 50 on my dad’s side). And between us three gals, we have 6 kids!!!! And, even better…we still fit on one bed like we used to at sleep overs when we would talk about the day we would be Mommies. Oh how time flies.

Speaking of which:

What I was doing 10 years ago……FEB of ’98: Falling in love with Kenneth. 10 years ago was my freshman year at BYU, and Kenneth and I had all the same classes together (except for one). Let’s see… In feb I think that Kenneth and I were choreographing a musical production at a local private school together.

5 Things on my “To-Do” list:
JUST 5?????
1. Dishes
2. Update my Business finances
3. Finish my “march” print
4. Practice music for a benefit concert coming up in a week.
5. clean my office.

3 bad habits I have:
1. Putting off housework
2. Late library books
3. I always put off making phone calls
(do you see the procrastination theme here?)

Day of choice? Fridays

Places I’ve lived: (in order)
Orange county, CA
Wellesley, MA
North Potomac, MD
Orem, UT

***I am adding: Places I wish to live:

Provence, FRANCE
I want to retire in a cape style cottage in New England.

Marriage date: Dec 16, 2000

Favorite indulgence: Sleep. reading magazines. hot baths. hmmmmmm:)

Phobias/fears? I have nightmares about being on stage and not knowing my part. So, does that mean I fear not being prepared?

Reason to smile: Blue sky, ocean, my kids’ laugh, my husband’s hugs, travel, fresh flowers, when I am in a cycle class, my family being together, good food on the table, going on a spontaneous adventure, art museums, and just the joy of being alive.

Season of choice: I actually love every season. Change is always a good thing.

Vegetable: asparagus, artichokes and sugar snap peas.

Oranges or Apples? crisp braeburns…unless we are in CA, and then oranges for sure.

# of brothers/sisters: 1 sister, three brothers.

Ok! It’s your turn Becca, Mica, Sasha and Cait! Ya, ya. You can take a month or so like I did.

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My Laundry is piled up to my knees in my laundry room!

But it is piled high with dinosaur and footie pajamas.

I have cleaned Addie’s room 3 times today!

But we played zoo and trains 5 times today.

My head hurts from all the yelling!

But the yelling was because there were pink and purple monsters on the hallway ceiling and somebody had to scare them away.

There are paint stains on the kitchen table!

From painting the “ocean at nighty night”

My eyes are tired from Addie waking me up too early this morning.

But “I just want to snuggle my mommy. I love my family!” she says.

There are ripped up drawings in my office.

But then Ian gives me a kiss and his puppy dog eyes say “I’m sorry, Mommy”

There is snot on my sleeve.

I want my mommy tissue.”

My bathroom floor need disinfecting

But Ian looks so darn cute on the potty when he pretends to be like his big sister.

Addie is still awake.

But she is singing lullabies to her measuring tape (from dad’s tool box) that she is currently snuggling with in her bed right now.

Sometimes I cry. But really, I just love being your mama.

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