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Green is coming.

I am a list person. I have had “color variations” on my list for quite sometime now! When I opened my shop, I had the intentions of having multiple color variations for many of my prints (I love photoshop!). But what I didn’t expect if for people to give me such a generous response! Thank you all so much for your incredible support! And because of this great response, I spend my “work” time shipping and packaging. I am just now getting to the point where I am finding more time to “create”…and cross off more items on my list!

It is no secret that running this little business and being a mom is pretty demanding. This has been a great new adventure, and I have learned so much about how to balance being a good mom to my kids while getting my creative outlet through ‘Sarah Jane Studios’. Still trying to figure that one out! But I am so inspired by other women who find joy in both motherhood and their craft, and hope to someday get to the point where I can help others too! In the mean time…back to my “to-do” lists!

Due to popular demand, Here is BLUE, and GREEN will be next!

DON’T forget the GIVEAWAY below!
The winner will be picked randomly Saturday night! Good luck!

Back to the drawing board…

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Bloesom Kids

Check out this post on Bloesem Kids just posted this morning! Thanks Bloesem! I am so honored…I LOVE this site!

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She is finally here!

The months FLY by! Can you believe February is here? Oh, I think that this one is my new favorite. She is a little more dolled up than my October girl, but don’t you just love those tights? Addie saw them and said “Mommy, she has tights just like me!!” But the hat…I have to say was inspired from this DARLING company. I DO need to get one of those for Addie…but I will say, she rarely keeps anything on her head…unless it is a crown of course! But without further adieu, I introduce to you “February in writing.”

**Don’t forget about the giveaway below though! You have till Midnight on the 2nd!

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Traditional illustration and line. Modern simplicity and design. Fresh, soft and clean colors.

How do I mix my three loves? I have been trying to problem solve this for months…maybe years. I have a problem with loving too many different styles! Well…maybe it’s NOT a problem. Maybe…it is meant to mix. Here is a little hint of what is soon coming.

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valentine print.

I have had ZERO time to draw…this is killing me! I have at least a half dozen prints NEARLY done, and half dozen more in my sketch pad ready to color. Boy, finding time is a lot harder than I thought it would be! But, there are deadlines…like lovely little holidays. Enjoy!

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White. Clean. Fresh. No distractions. Maybe you can tell what kind of day I have had. The kind of day that CRAVES this. No really. I want this bathroom!

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Two years of this face.

Ian, two years ago today, we weren’t sure how everything would turn out. You were on a lot of machines and all we knew is that we had a miracle baby. Since that day, we have had two years of miracles. Your eyes, your kisses, your hugs and your “bonks” are just what I need to get through my day. Happy birthday, Bug.

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Just say it.

They have finally arrived! I just LOVE these little cards. I hope I don’t sell them all…I want to keep some for myself. Need a soft simple way to say those words? Each one of these cards says it differently, but the meaning is still the same. They best part about these cards are the matching envelopes from Paper Source. I have been using these envelopes for all my postcards, and I just can’t get enough of them.

The strawberry colored ones are my new favorite. The colors are just perfect, and the lip on these is so incredibly cool. I can’t wait to send one off to my mom right now…oh wait. Mom, don’t read that:)

Thanks as well for all your feedback and opinions on the frames that I posted below. REALLY helpful!!! I can’t wait for you to see how they turn out!

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