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latest additions…

Here are more prints to go into the shop. I can’t wait to get it open! Be watching next week…that is my goal!

I am finding that my style is a little all over the place. Well, maybe I just like a few different styles. It will be interesting to see which pieces are the most popular…or which style is most popular. I have always been attracted to many different styles, so I guess my art reflects that. I am finishing new pieces every day, but I really need to get things ready for my shop to open. I have a lot of little details to tie up before then. But I am getting excited! Stay tuned…more art is coming everyday!

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the elephant is back.

I just have to start drawing this little pair again. It is fun to draw them different each time. It’s fun for me to see them change and transform. That is the great magic of being their artist….I get to see it for the first time! This will make a great print for the nursery. Silent and sweet.

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October in Polka-dot wellies

I love the fall. I grew up back east, where the autumn air is brisk and full of magic. As a child, I remember walking through the streets of trees, with the wind blowing my hair every which way. I loved it. This weekend has been a magical one with the magic of fall. Here is a piece inspired by my childhood and my love of wellies!

This weekend was Kenneth’s Birthday. Kenneth is a ‘yellow’ and we just decided to have a spontaneous weekend!

* We took the kids out in the rain for puddle jumping

* Kenneth made sourdough bread, home made pasta (twice in a row), chicken fettuccine, broccoli with portobello mushrooms, grilled salmon, and double tiered triple chocolate cake with raspberries for the final BAM!

* We took the kids to the BYU campus for the first time and showed them where we had our first kiss (es).

* Kenneth and I discovered two new favorite dining spots…’Nicolaitalia‘ and ‘Pudding on the Rice’. Made us feel like we were back in Boston again.

* Addie became officially potty-trained and can now go on trips in the car without a diaper. (she calls herself a ‘potty train’ now….with “choo-choo” side affects and everything.

* Addie and Ian learned how to do somersaults.

* We had friends and family over all weekend, and even managed (kenneth and I) to hang out at one of our fav places…Barnes and Noble.

Happy Autumn everyone!

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Bunny Milk.

Here are 3 of what might soon be more. I am trying to find just the right color combinations. I think I will offer a few, but want to find just the right ones. What do you think of these? I am still trying to find the design combinations that I like the best.

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