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Be a student so long as you still have something to learn, and this will mean all your life.

Do you ever feel like there is so much out there you would just love to do or learn? I was watching an incredible movie the other night, Step into Liquid and I thought, in my next life, I want to be a surfer! My mom’s side of the family were all born and raised in hawaii since the 1920’s and wow! What a life! my grandfather was a champion surfer, and has left an awesome legacy. Watching these surfers do what they do, and to see the perspective that they have on life because of what they experience everyday is so inspiring! It made me think of all the things that would be so much fun to do, and to learn! Right now, as a mom who is very much homebound, I rely on books, internet and other people to vicariously live the adventures I seek. The truth is, I am on an incredible adventure right now! I am learning so much, and I LOVE the sense of adventure that motherhood brings…you never know what your children will do, how they will make you laugh, and what the day will bring! But there are still things that I would love to do or learn in my life….

1) learn how to surf

2) get a scuba liscence

3) start my own nursery decor business

4) travel more as a family

5) take an interior design/graphic design course

6) illustrate a children’s book

7) take a real sewing class

8) open a bed and breakfast

9) take school groups to Europe

10) take a photography course

It is good to dream, and at the same time keep learning in all that you do. Do any of you have any thing that you would just love to do/learn? money and time aside? It really makes you think! It makes me want to always keep learning and doing things. you never know where those desires will take you! The most important thing though, is to always be a student where ever you are. Just keep learning!
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Something old, something new

Ok, so Addie has had this thing with spoons lately. not her plastic spoos, or baby spoons, but silver spoons. Two of them. She has been holding two silver spoons for the past several days! They are her drumsticks, prince and princess, babies, forks, brush and comb, pencils, and what ever else she needs them to be in the moment. She has slept with them, held them both in one hand while she eats with another spoon in the other hand, danced with them, played with them….she will not part! For those of you who know her, that is very fitting for her personality. Well, now she is sick, and today, I haven’t been able to get her to bed. Her spoons are a must of course, for her comfort. But I Finally got her to reconsider when I pulled out a yellow aloha pattern blanket she probably hasn’t seen before. She has her ‘blanket’ that I don’t think she has ever slept without since she got it at 5 months old. But when i showed her this new yellow blanket, she swiftly threw her old blanket out, and layed down with her new one. Who knows how long this will last, but I thought it was very ironic that she can’t part with her spoons, and yet she was willing to try something new for naptime. And i thought, aren’t we the same way? In life we have our tried and true routines and comforts that we always want near us, yet we are dazzled and energized by the surprize adventures that life takes us on. We need both! I need my warm drink and frangrant lotions before bedtime, but I also need the element of surprize to keep me going during the day…a sense of adventure! all in the life of a child!
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You are my sunshine

Well, the past couple days, my little sunshines have been gloomy and sick. It is so hard to see their little bodies go through this. We have caught a really nasty cough, and cold, fever, and headaches. Poor little things. Life is just survival right now. Addie thankfully will lie down to read stories or watch a movie, and Ian is willing to be held and read to as well. I just wish that I had more arms! Well, in the mean time, I am just loving these hot snuggly bodies. I love that they love to be snuggled! I don’t ever want that to go away! so, rain or shine, I will take what I can get!

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Taking picture of Addie

Taking pictures of Addie is so muc fun. It is hard to get her to smile though, because she is always “doing” something. But this time, I was able to get quite a few. This is just a fraction of what I got, but thought you might want to see! Check out “my family blog” where I posted some more. Enjoy!

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Sick little monkeys

Well, Hopefully this is the last bug of the season, but what ever it is, we sure have it. There was a night there, that we thought Addie had the croup…the horrible barking cough that just sounds so painful. I am sick, and Ian has been abnormally fussy, but no cold or cough…yet. So, we have been watching a lot of disney, lots of liquid, lots of medicine and lots of rest (trying at least). The only way that I can really Get addie to stay still is if she is reading or watching a movie. So, that is what we have been doing. Ian just follows a long. We have been sick a lot this winter, and I am so ready to be done with this! Any ideas on good natural remedies for a bad cough and cold? or any secrets that you guys have on how to get through these slow days? We have been running her cool mist humidifyer, and keeping her fluids up and all the usual stuff. At least our spirits are up, and I spent friday and Saturday Deep cleaning the house. It helps me to breath better when i really am nor up for doing more work than I have to!
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So I found a new favorite snack! Whole Wheat Basil Tortilla. I have always loved whole wheat toast, with a slice or two of tomato, topped with cheese, toasted and then sprinkled with fresh ground pepper. This is an alternate for those of you who love basil…like me.

Whole Wheat Tortilla, Cheese (I used Cheddar, but it would be great with any white french or italian cheese), A few slices of fresh Tomato, a few leaves of fresh italian basil, and some fresh ground pepper. You can fold it in half and microwave it, or saute it for a crispier snack. you can add what ever you want to it…chicken, procuito, the possibilities are endless. What really makes this is the warm tomato and basil. Yummy!

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where you are today, your mind put you. where you are tomorrow, your mind put you.

Since I missed my cycle class this morning (it was just too dark and too cold…the soar throat didn’t help either) I had a chance to do some Tae Bo. Miraculously, the kids took a nap at the same time, which never happens, and so I popped my DVD in , and sweat it out. It is sooo hard! I have a few of his, and this one is an advanced one ( i hope!) and I have never been able to finish them. Well, today, I did all 50 min (yahooo!) with a few breathing breaks in between. I really like his videos. they are challenging, but he also focusses so much on mind over body. I really like that. He also reminds you that your power really comes from God, and I like that too. So, at the end of the video today (which I had never seen) he says…where you are today, your mind put you. where you are tomorrow, your mind put you. That resonates with me so much! There is so much power in positive thinking. In some ways, the past two years have been a blur…a lot of running around blindly just trying to survive and get sleep where ever and when ever I could. but now that I am out of that phase, I am realizing the power that I have over my own thoughts and actions. Having kids takes the control you once had over your day, and throws it out the window! (I realized this once, when Kenneth came home from work and I asked him if I could go to the bathroom. asking permission? ya things were bad!) But now, I am really trying to get a better sense of tuning my mind to always thinking positively. Living in the moment, gaining control over what I can, and what I can’t, to just go with the flow. But there is just so much power in the mind to change our views and our attitudes of our day. For me, not ever knowing how the day will fare can bring a sense of adventure. but, thinking that way takes mental energy and focus…and brings a lot of happiness. It is also surprizing how much the lord helps you with this too. So, ask yourself…what am I thinking about? am I building myself up? or am I giving up? food for thought.
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